Low Carb Reality Column by Amy Dungan

Low Carb Reality Column by Amy Dungan

CarbSmart is proud to introduce the addition of Amy Dungan to the CarbSmart Magazine staff. Amy is a freelance writer and photographer who has been living the low-carb lifestyle since 2001 and loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with others. She’s written for the Internet’s most popular low-carb magazine, Low Carb Luxury, as well as various other newsletters and internet publications, including the acclaimed blog Healthy Low-Carb Living. Amy Dungan has been writing great articles for CarbSmart.com’s low carb magazine. A long-time low carber, you’ll appreciate Amy Dungan’s diet tips, Amy’s low-carb recipes, and Amy’s low-sugar diet suggestions. Amy Dungan low carb reality.

Amy lives in Illinois with her husband and two adorable children. Amy welcomes your comments anytime. You can contact her at [email protected].

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