Review: Nature’s Best Perfect Isopure Whey Protein Powders by Amy Dungan

I think it’s safe to say I’ve become a protein powder connoisseur. I’ve found it useful in various recipes, as well as its traditional use for shakes. One thing I’ve learned the hard way is that you get what you pay for. This is especially true when speaking of protein powder. For the longest time I bought the cheap brands, only using them occasionally. They were fine for the occasional use, but had an ingredient list as long as my arm. When I decided to give The 6 Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle a try, I knew that I’d be really putting my current cheaper protein powder to the test. And boy did it ever fail – big time. I went from using it maybe once every couple of weeks, to using two or three times a day. While I can honestly say it was just as filling as any other I’ve tried, it gave me some nasty stomach issues. It felt like I’d just abused myself with large quantities of maltitol. Once these symptoms surfaced, I was less than impressed with the company, or the money I was so excited about saving. I decided it was time to research other labels. This happily lead me to several options which, though more expensive, I could use without fear of my intestines forming a revolt. One of the brands I like the best is Nature’s Best Perfect Isopure Whey Protein Powders.

With anywhere from 0 to 3 carbs per serving, and 50 grams of protein, you’re certainly getting the most bang for your buck. The ingredient list is pretty long, but that’s due to all the vitamins and minerals, which they list in great detail. Isopure boasts 100 percent whey protein isolate, and shuns the protein blends that contain inferior protein sources. It is available in 9 great flavors, so you’ll find a wide variety to suit your tastes. And I was very pleased to find that it mixes well, and doesn’t leave that gritty texture in your mouth as other brands do. If you are following Dr. Eades 6 Week Cure plan, you’ll be happy to know that Isopure also contains the leucine recommended in the shake recipes. I was very pleased with this brand, despite its higher price tag. I can honestly say it’s absolutely worth it.

Nature’s Best Perfect Isopure Whey Protein Powders are available in the following flavors:

    • Cookies and Cream
    • Strawberries and Cream
    • Dutch Chocolate
    • Creamy Vanilla
    • Pineapple Orange Banana
    • Apple Melon
    • Banana
    • Mango Peach
    • Punch

Dutch chocolate is currently my favorite, but I’m a chocolate hound, so that’s really not surprising.

Ingredients and nutritional information vary by flavor, but here is a rundown on the Dutch Chocolate:

Nutrition Facts

    • Serving Size 2 scoopfuls (65g)
    • Serving Per Container about 21
    • Calories 210
    • Fat 0g
    • Choleterol 5mg
    • Sodium 320mg
    • Potassium 320mg
    • Total Carbohydrates 3g
    • Dietary Fiber 2g
    • Sugars 0g
    • Protein 50g

Ingredients: Ion Exchange Whey Protein Isolate, Vitamin/Mineral/Amino Acid Blend (taurine, potassium [as potassium chloride], chloride [as potassium and sodium chloride], calcium [as dicalcium phosphate dihydrate], phosphorus [as dicalcium phosphate dihydrate], L_Glutamine, magnesium [as magnesium oxide], vitamin E ]as dialpha tocopheryl acetate], niacin, zinc [as zinc sulphate dihydrate], vitamin A [as palmitate], pantothenic acid [as d_calcium pantothenate], vitamin D3 [as cholecalciferol], vitamin B6 [as pyridoxin], copper [as amino acid chelate], manganese [as manganese sulfate dihydrate], riboflavin, thiamin [as thiamin hydrochloride], folic acid, biotin, iodide [as potassium iodide], chromium [as amino acid chelate], molybdenum [as amino acid chelate], selenium [as amino acid chelate], vitamin B12, natural and artifical flavor, sucralose, silicon dioxide.

I give this protein powder a full 5 stars and an ardent thank you from the bottom of my heart – and my intestines concur.

Disclosure: I was provided this product free of charge in order to review it. It in no way effected my opinion of the product.

© 2010 by Amy Dungan. Article and photograph used by kind permission of the author. Send Amy your comments to Amy Dungan.

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