Low-Carb Success Story: Rachael Thomae – 25+ pounds lost!

arb Success Story: Rachael Thomae - 25+ pounds lost!

This Low-Carb success story was submitted by Rachel during the month of June 2000. She only wanted to lose about 25 lbs. but discovered that there are other health benefits of the low carb lifestyle.

I started Atkins on 4-15-99. I had just been in a bad car wreck on 4-1 and it shook up my thinking. I had been feeling very depressed and so tired that I could hardly get myself out of bed in the morning. I couldn’t even think clearly and was to the point of thinking about seeking professional help.

I was drinking 4-5 cans of Pepsi a day plus eating candy all afternoon to get through work. Plus, I had about 20 pounds to lose that I gained after the birth of my daughter. I had absolutely no interest in doing another low-fat diet and absolutely no energy for exercising.

Dr. Atkins on The View

Then I heard Atkins on The View. I was intrigued and went straight to the bookstore to get his book. I was hooked and started induction right away (and was I thrilled to be eating bacon and eggs!) But the best part is that after about three days, I started feeling incredibly good, better than I had felt in years. The depression and fog lifted and I started waking up feeling good in the morning, ready to get up and go!

Atkins Transformed My Life

Atkins transformed my life, not just in terms of weight loss. My start weight was about 150–I am now at 125 pounds and have been able to maintain my loss and good health for OVER a year! : ) I’ve gotten my brother on low carb (he’s doing Sugar Busters and feels great!) and my father is on low carb (and for the first time in years, his blood pressure is normal!!)

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