Sabotage Free Low Carb Valentine’s Day Heart Healthy Recipes

Have a Low-Carb Valentine's Day!

Sabotage Free Low Carb Valentine's Day Heart Healthy Recipes

Not that you should be thinking about this on Valentine’s Day but if you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you understand that dietary saturated fat and cholesterol are not the causes of heart disease. More and more evidence is stacking up that heart disease is caused by inflammation from excess omega-6 vegetable oils, and the damage caused by high blood sugar levels from sugar, grains, and other concentrated carbs. This means, of course, that thirty years of throwing away egg yolks, substituting safflower and soy oil for lard and butter, and eating grains instead of red meat, have not been merely useless, but outright damaging.

So do not expect these recipes to be low fat, low cholesterol, or any of that stuff. Expect instead that they will be delicious, nutritious, satisfying, use fats that won’t cause inflammation, and won’t subject your endothelium–the all-important lining of your arteries–to destructive glucose levels.

Sabotage Free Low Carb Valentine’s Day Heart Healthy Recipes

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  1. Hello-

    I wanted to give u feedback on the flaxseed pancakes recipe u published in the Feb issue of Carbsmart. I used 2% greek yogurt (couldn’t find full fat) to make the recipe. The batter was very thick. Should I have used a different kind of yogurt? This recipe needed more liquid. What would you suggest adding? Water or some kind of milk substitute? It didn’t make a dozen pancakes,more like ten due to the thickness of the batter. I will use probably 2 tblspns next time as 1/4 c was too much for me. Despite this, it had a very nice flavor tho a bit dry. Any suggestions u have r appreciated. Is their a carb friendly maple syrup that I can make or buy? I am on to try the pumpkin seed recipe! 🙂 LOVE this magazine .

    Eileen Clifton
    Glendale, AZ

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