Smackaroos Diet Treats Low Carb Crackers by Rault Foods

Plain Smackaroos Diet Treats Low Carb Crackers
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Looking for the best low-carb crackers? Formerly known as Cheeters Diet Treats, Smackaroos low carb crackers from Rault Foods have the same great taste and fewer carbs than traditional crackers. Smackaroos crackers are not no carb crackers or carb-free crackers, they have 1g net carbs per serving and you can eat them with any low carb topping. Now low carbohydrate crackers you can enjoy with meals or as a snack.

Smackaroos Diet Treats are available in the following flavors:

If you are on a low-carb diet and want a crunchy, salty cracker, then Smackaroos Diet Treats (formerly known as Cheeters Diet Treats), are just what you’re looking for. These crackers give you the crispy crunch and freshly-baked taste that you love without the unnecessary carbs.

A three-cracker serving size has an incredible 7g protein, 5g of dietary fiber and just ONE net carb. These low-carb crackers are great for dipping in cheese, salsa, or your favorite dip, topping your soup or salad, or just snacking on their crunchy goodness by themselves.

Smackeroos Diet Treats crackers come in plain, onion, sesame, garlic, rye and cinnamon with Splenda. We have a hunch you’ll want the crunch to munch for lunch!


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