A Brief Note About Ketogenic Diets & Ketosis From the Medical Community

Ketogenic Diets and the Medical CommunityI apologize for having written little here recently – or at Hold the Toast, for that matter. I’ve been submerged in trying to finish our book on Fat Fasting (details coming soon). Because of working on that book, I was poking around the PubMed database this evening, and I ran across an abstract I had to share.  Apparently the full-text article is in Spanish, and while I speak enough Spanish that Mexican folks are kind enough to tell me how well I speak, I certainly don’t read it well enough to peruse medical studies.  However, reading this abstract it’s tempting to run the whole thing through Babelfish, just so I can give it a try.  Here is what the abstract has to say about ketogenic diets:

Ketogenic diets: additional benefits to the weight loss and unfounded secondary effects

Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutricion

Pérez-Guisado J

Departamento de Medicina, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Córdoba, Córdoba, España.

“It is also necessary to emphasize that as well as the weight loss, ketogenic diets are healthier because they promote a non-atherogenic lipid profile, lower blood pressure and diminish resistance to insulin with an improvement in blood levels of glucose and insulin. Such diets also have antineoplastic benefits, do not alter renal or liver functions, do not produce metabolic acidosis by Ketosis, have many neurological benefits in central nervous system, do not produce osteoporosis and could increase the performance in aerobic sports.”

That’s some list of benefits. If it could just get me a winning lottery ticket, my life would be complete.


  1. paleozeta says

    hi dana,
    i am following a 25 g cho daily intake diet, although i am not measuring ketones level i surely burn fat for energy.
    anyway.. i included intermittent fasting to my lifestyle because i can control hunger quite well and it sets me free of fixed eating times and i can organize time better, but something doesn’t add up:
    in fasting days calories intake is minimal and so is required protein. without the right amount of protein lean mass loss is a probable event ( if IF “alla leangain” is on a regular basis ), but if i try to get my right amount of protein in one or two meals, i possibly run into gluconeogenesis and i will be kicked out of ketosis.
    what is your view on this?
    good luck for your new book, interesting argument.

  2. Myra says

    Sounds great. I’d like to send my DIL to the Spanish site. She’s from Mexico and the family is having some health issues. I’ve spoken to her about this stuff and she’s very interested but finding material in Spanish would be great! Is there a link? Thanks!

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