Celebrate With Low Carb Christmas Cookies!

Celebrate With Low Carb Christmas Cookies! By Dana Carpender in the December 2013 issue of CarbSmart Magazine.

CarbSmart Magazine December 2013 Issue

Low Carb Christmas Cookies! You can have your candy canes, your eggnog, your figgy pudding–As far back as Dana can remember, the best Christmas delicacy has been cookies. She helps us carry on that tradition with some healthier alternatives to the high-carb holiday fare.

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  1. says

    Although I usually love everything that Dana Carpenter contributes to your magazine, I was truly disappointed with the article about Christmas cookies. I have no problem using Splenda and purchased this issue specifically for the cookie recipes. However, not one of the recipes used Splenda but Swerve or Stevia. Of all times of the year to change to non-Splenda recipes this is the worst time. At least an article could have been included where Splenda is used for cookies or an equivalency chart. There isn’t enough time to place another ‘specialty item’ food order nor the budget to do so since I have already placed 2 specialty cooking orders in 2 weeks. Looks like it is back to web search and cookbooks to get my baking done.

    • says


      It’s simpler than you think and you do not have to look elsewhere for recipes.

      You can substitute granulated Splenda for Swerve in Dana’s recipes 1-for-1.

      I hope that helps.


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