Using the Fat Fast & A Ketogenic Diet For Menopausal Weight Loss

Every day we are learning about how a ketogenic diet is helping more and more people with a wider variety of weight-related issues. This includes women having trouble losing weight during menopause. Do you or someone you know have this problem?

In an article for titled The Fat Fast For Menopausal Weight Loss, Judy Tsafrir, M.D., an adult and child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with a private practice dedicated to healing through the integration of heart, mind, body and soul, describes her ability to maintain a healthy body weight pre-menopause but how she stopped being successful during menopause:

From The Fat Fast For Menopausal Weight Loss by Judy Tsafrir, M.D.:

Dr. Judy TsafrirIn the past, when my weight crept up, I would eat more protein and fewer carbs, and the excess pounds would disappear. After menopause, this method was no longer effective. My metabolism had changed, and eating more protein and restricting carbohydrates did not result in weight loss as it had in the past. I needed to restrict my intake of protein as well. I have altered the composition of my diet so that the majority of my calories now come from healthy fats, along with moderate protein and very low carbohydrate intake. This translates into approximately 70% of my calories from fat, 20% from protein and 10% from carbs. This is the prescription for a ketogenic diet, and at 56, it is the only way I can eat without gaining weight. I feel well when I eat this way, with steady energy, no fluid retention and sound sleep.

Fat Fast CookbookSo Dr. Tsafrir is using a ketogenic diet in the proportions of 70% of calories from fat, 20% from protein and 10% from carbs to maintain a healthy weight during menopause and using the Fat Fast as a way to jump-start her ketogenic diet.

Dr. Tsafrir has even adapted one of Dana Carpender’s recipes to create her own high fat, low carb Chia Seed Custard listed at Because of the use of chia seeds, the recipe takes a little longer to make but wow it sounds awesome!

To learn more about Dr. Tsafrir, visit her web site at Her original version of the article appeared at her web site titled Fat Fast and Menopause.

Listen to an interview of Dr. Tsafrir by Jimmy Moore from The Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show.


  1. Jill says

    I am a 48 year old, post menopausal, woman. I have found it to be impossible to loose weight in spite of reducing my caloric and carb intake, as well as exercising every day (it seemed to be increasing by the day around my middle). I discovered the ketogenic diet and decided to give it a try. I did the fat fast for 2 days, and have been doing the ketogenic diet since. It’s been a total of 3 weeks now, and I haven’t lost any weight. Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong or what I might be able do to to get weight loss results?

    • edye says

      Your carb intake should be less than 30g daily…protein at 60% and fats at 30%…lean proteins and healthy fats like nuts, nut butters, fish, olives, and avocados… lean meats, not fried, remove skin, no breading… finally figured it out myself…

      • Linda says

        Wait a sec, carb intake should 20g or less and, not 30g, protein 15%, and fat 70%, especially if she’s having difficulty losing. Proteins should HAVE the fat on and eaten, as well as leaving the skin on the chicken. This is a high fat program.

        And one big thing: Portion control. Being of a certain age, 59, I exercise portion control just like I do with my old meals. Meats and fish will be 3-4 oz servings, and vegetables with be a 1/4 cup, and if I want “pasta”, I use Miracle Noodles angelhair pasta, fettucini, or their rice. My pastas and rices are all calorie and carb free. I can have a good serving of those and come to think of it, they keep you feeling full without the guilt.

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