After 46 Years In Business, Low-Carb Candy Manufacturer Judy’s Candy Company Closes for Good

After 46 Years In Business Judy's Candy Company Closes Doors for Good

  • After 46 years in business, Judy’s Candy Company, a favorite low-carb candy manufacturer and best-selling brand at has closed its doors forever.
  • Judy’s sugar-free caramels, nut brittles and chocolates have been a staple for those looking for a sugar-free treat on their low-carb lifestyle.
  • CarbSmart’s remaining stock is almost sold out at and available until gone.

A Low-Carb Treat Gone Forever

Judy's Candy Co.
We’ve been selling the incredible sugar-free line of Judy’s Candy Company caramels, chocolates and nut brittles for almost as long as we’ve been in business. Today when I went to place my next order of sugar-free treats, I was shocked to hear that they closed their doors for good. From the email I received:

To: Our Valued Customers
From: Judy’s Candy Company

After forty six (sic) years of making fine quality “handmade” candies for the consumer’s enjoyment, we feel that the time has come for us to close up the business.

We thank you for your patronage over the years and wish you all the best.

Jerry and Judy Shelton
Jerry and Judy Shelton, founders of Judy’s Candy Company.

The History of Judy’s Candy Company

Judy's Candy Company on Powell St
Original Co-owner Jerry Shelton (Judy’s Husband) in front of their first location in San Francisco.
In 1972, Jerry and Judy Shelton opened a small candy store in the heart of downtown San Francisco. In the back of the store, behind a long, narrow front counter, equipped with just two small mixing kettles and a marble slab table, Jerry made chocolate fudge and caramels. Judy dipped candy apples and molded popcorn balls. The store became an instant San Francisco favorite.

The retail business blossomed and the demand for their “hand-made” chocolates and caramels outgrew the small storefront. They were so successful that in 1979, they decided to devote their business entirely to wholesale manufacturing. They also moved to their last location in Berkeley, CA.

Over time, the prevalence of diabetes increased across the nation and the Atkins Diet revolutionized the way people thought about nutrition. Judy’s added their very successful line of sugar-free caramels, chocolates and peanut brittles to their expanding selection.

CarbSmart started selling the delicious sugar-free line around 2002 and it became one of our top selling brands.

Even though Judy’s used maltitol as their sugar-free sweetener, people who understood they needed to control their intake of the sweet treats to avoid “a laxative effect” were able to have the occasional caramel or peanut brittle without ruining their low-carb lifestyle.

Judy’s Equipment Up For Auction

Anyone looking to start or expand their own chocolate manufacturing business, Judy’s equipment is up for auction for a short time. For more information, please contact: Rabin Worldwide – 415.522.5700 or [email protected].

A True Friend to CarbSmart & the Low-Carb Community

I am very sad to see the end of Judy’s Candy Company. I met Judy a few times at industry tradeshows and communicated many times with daughter Nancy when I placed my many orders over the last 18 years. They were not just my vendor, they were my friends. I will miss you (and your amazing sugar-free chocolates and candies) dearly.

We do not know the exact reason for the closing of Judy’s Candy Company. Requests for comments from Judy’s went unanswered.

We placed our last order of Judy’s in November 2018. All of our stock is still fresh but limited. Purchase our remaining inventory of Judy’s Sugar-Free Caramels and Chocolates at

Judy's Candy Co. Sugar-Free Chocolate Rose

After 46 Years In Business Judy's Candy Company Closes Doors for Good
Judy’s former manufacturing facility in Berkeley, CA.

Learn more about Judy’s Candy Company.

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  1. I am CRUSHED!!!!!!! Judy’s sugar free toffee was TO DIE FOR!!!! So sad…beyond sad.

  2. Judy’s was the best…better than sugar candy , the store in Rio vista had no idea they had closed

    If I had known I would have bought a couple of boxes and froze it…sorry to see it go

  3. Eddi Marie Julian (Beckles Candies)

    We, too, were caught completely off-guard and totally unprepared for Judy’s closing. Beckles Candies in Modesto had been selling their scrumptious candies since 1988 ! Our customers still ask about their products! We wish the family there only good things and thank them for their contribution to the world of candy goodness.

  4. I did a search of Judy’s because I was thinking of stopping by and saying hello, then I see this story saying they have closed! A little sad at that. I used to work there fixing things as a side job about 30 years ago. When they moved to Berkeley I installed all of the gas pipe to supply their cooking kettles. I ran several power circuits for their conveyer / dryers and packaging equipment. I loved working there because at the end of each job I did, Judy, or later Mary her daughter, would bag me up pounds of dark chocolates!

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