Eat More Bacon T-Shirt from

Eat More Bacon T-Shirt from
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If you’re a low carb dieter or a bacon lover, you’ll love this! Introducing the Eat More Bacon T-Shirt from

Eat More Bacon

I love bacon and I love t-shirts so what better way to let the world know they need to eat more bacon than with the Eat More Bacon T-Shirt from (FULL DISCLOSURE: I purchased 2 t-shirts at full price from the manufacturer’s web site in order to review them here on

This tee shirt has the cutest pig on it (I don’t think he knows we want to eat him) and is a Hanes ComfortSoft Heavyweight, 100% cotton t-shirt. The heavyweight shirts are a little warm for the summer months but with fall just around the corner, now’s the time to stock up on funny bacon shirts to show your bacon love. It would also make a great gift for your favorite low carber in your life.

Low Carb (and non-low carb) bacon lovers will appreciate the pro-piggy message

This shirt will absolutely get reactions from everyone you meet. Low Carb (and non-low carb) bacon lovers will appreciate the pro-piggy message and vegans – well vegans might not be happy to see it. But either way, you’ll let everyone know you are pro bacon, pro happiness, and pro low carb.

The Eat More Bacon T-Shirt from men’s cut comes in 3 colors (black, blue and pink), from sizes Small to 3XL. Also available in Women’s Classic Fit, Long Sleeve, and Hooded Sweatshirts. also has aprons, kids shirts and other accessories.

I haven’t tried their bacon yet (we will be ordering it and testing it soon – they even have Bacon of the Month Clubs) but they have a wide variety of bacon cuts and bacon flavors.  Be aware, though, their bacon is not sugar free. It may have a trace or a small amount of sugar (depending on the flavor) so be careful if you order. Let’s hope they add some sugar free bacon to their site for America’s diabetic and low carb community. Let the world know to eat low carb and Eat More Bacon!

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