Jay Wortman, MD Video Interview from Central Coast Nutrition Conference March 1, 2014

Ed Stockly Interviews Jay Wortman MD for CarbSmart

The Central Coast Nutrition Conference on March 1, 2014 was a successful 1-day conference featuring Eric Westman, MD, Jay Wortman, MD, Steve Phinney, MD. PhD, Jeff Volek, PhD, RD, and Lynne Daniel Ivey. Originally targeted to health professionals in the San Luis Obispo, CA area, the event was attended by about 100 people from doctors and practitioners to experienced and novice low carb dieters.

The organizers did a great job of bringing together some of the best known advocates of the low carb lifestyle and I hope they continue to grow the conference in the future.

CarbSmart's Ed Stockly at the Central Coast Nutrition Conference

CarbSmart Columnist Ed Stockly Interviewed Jay Wortman, MD at Central Coast Nutrition Conference on March 1, 2014 for CarbSmart.com.

Dr Jay Wortman is an expert on the benefits of the low carb diet. For over ten years, he has served in senior management positions in the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch of Health Canada where he is currently the Senior Medical Advisor. He recently completed a two-year research interchange at the UBC Faculty of Medicine where he studied the role of traditional diet in the prevention and treatment of obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes in First Nations. In 2003, Dr. Wortman received the National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Medicine.

He is a collaborator on the documentary My Big Fat Diet directed by Mary Bissell. You can purchase a copy of the documentary here or watch it on YouTube.

Watch the CarbSmart video interview on YouTube.com.

Visit Dr. Wortman’s blog at http://www.drjaywortman.com.

Visit the CarbSmart YouTube Channel.

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