Show Your Love of Bacon! The “Keep Calm and Eat Bacon” T-Shirt

Keep Calm and Eat Bacon T-Shirt from
Keep Calm and Eat Bacon T-Shirt from
Order From Our Trusted PartnerOrder From Our Trusted Partner


Boy, did I get some smiles today!! I received my T-shirt order from yesterday, and couldn’t wait to wear it today. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I purchased 2 t-shirts at full price from the manufacturer’s web site in order to review them here on

Everywhere I went today, I got double-takes, lots of smiles and a few full hearty laughs when people saw my Keep Calm and Eat Bacon T-Shirt from  Even I can’t stop chuckling when I look in the mirror.

The bacon-humor tee shirt is a Hanes ComfortSoft Heavyweight, 100% cotton,  and it is definitely comfortable. It was over 90 degrees here today in Reno, NV so I probably should have put on a thinner t-shirt, but the chance to make a few friends and strangers smile was well worth the extra sweating.

The Keep Calm and Eat Bacon T-Shirt from men’s cut comes in 3 colors (black, blue and pink), from sizes Small to 3XL. Also available in Women’s Classic Fit, Long Sleeve, and Hooded Sweatshirts. also has aprons, kids shirts and other accessories.

And what about their bacon? I haven’t tried their bacon yet (We will be ordering it and testing it soon – they even have Bacon of the Month Clubs) but they have a wide variety of bacon cuts and bacon flavors.  Be aware, though, that they do not have sugar free bacon. Their bacon may have a trace or a small amount of sugar so be careful if you order some. Let’s hope they add some sugar free bacon to their site for America’s diabetic and low carbohydrate community. Keep Calm and Eat Bacon!

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  1. Andrew, if you are gonna eat a plate of bacon, bag the Vespa and get a HOG! Cheers ks

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