Low Carb Christmas Cookin’ Cookbook by Jan McCracken

Great Low Carb Recipes Any Time of The Year!

Low Carb Christmas Cookin' Cookbook
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Merry, Merry Low Carb Christmas!

It’s an Old-Fashioned Low Carb Christmas! Not just another “low-carb cookbook,” this clever creation is filled with low-carb delights that are not just about Christmas but perfect for any holiday meal or special occasion!

Laugh and cook with this fun-loving, old-fashioned cook who insists that food taste like “the real stuff” – WITHOUT the carbs!

All 224 pages of Jan’s recipe presentations will make you smile with ooh’s and ahh’s from family and friends – no one will ever know it’s low carb!

So crank up those Christmas tunes and get cookin’!

About Jan McCracken

Jan is the author of the healthy lifestyle cookbook, Healthy Carb Cookbook for Dummies and self-publisher of over forty books. Born and raised in a small farming community in the Midwest, Jan was adopted by her grandparents and grew up gardening beside her grandfather and cooking and canning with her grandmother.

She spent most of her early life in the heartland of America learning to appreciate good food, good health and good friends surrounded by great old- fashioned cooks! The appreciation of fresh fruits and vegetables became a part of her… quite naturally.

With her love of cooking and the company of warm friends around her, Jan fulfilled a dream in opening a country Bed and Breakfast in Branson, MO. It was during her innkeeping years that she wrote her first self-published book, the Ozark Mountain Christmas Recipe Collection.

Over the years, Jan’s interest in health and nutrition has grown, and she has spent years researching the best ways to convert good, old-fashioned, traditional recipes into leaner, healthier versions. However, sometimes she just has to share those good old-fashioned recipes that are like no others!

Her writing style is upbeat, blended with a bit of humor and always fun! She quickly became known as the “Erma Bombeck of cookbook writers.”

Jan has become a staunch advocate of preventative medicine through diet, exercise and lifestyle. A grandmother herself now, Jan’s involvement in health and nutrition has led her to her current passion in the fight in preventing childhood obesity. She feels strongly that one great approach to this issue is getting kids involved in cooking at an early age.

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