Low-Carb Diet Success Stories – over 135 inspirational low carb success stories at CarbSmart Magazine

Low-Carb Diet Success Stories

CarbSmart introduces you to Over 125 low carb success stories!! Many people are being successful at living the low-carb lifestyle. Whether they want to lose 10, 25, 50, or 100+ pounds, you can read about them here in CarbSmart Low Carb Success Stories! Stillman diet success stories too.

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Karen Rysavy from Colorado Low Carb Success Story

Karen Rysavy from Colorado is 38 years old and 5'11 inches tall. Karen started low carbing in 2000 doing a combination of Atkins and Protein Power but since that time has studied most of the popular low carb plans out there and implemented parts of each (the parts that worked for her) into her own personal Way of Eating. She began at 271 pounds and wearing size 24/26 and is now 210 and wearing 14/18. Karen revised her goal of a size 12 and 185 pounds to "happy and healthy". A very important goal for Karen, one which she has REACHED!

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