Sue From California’s Low Carb Success Story

Sue from California is 49 years old and 5’4 inches tall. Sue has been following the Atkins program for two years now, and has dropped from her high weight of 262.5 pounds and a size 24.5 to her current weight of 162.5 pounds and a size 12. Sue’s goal is to weigh 150 pounds and wear size 10.

“I have had trouble with my weight for about 35 years,” Sue said.”It began around age 12 when I was deemed ‘chubby’.”

“As a teen, I started off trying low calorie diets. I felt it was basically starving myself for a week because I was so hungry all the time, and eventually I would give up. I tried it because it was what was supposedly the ‘right’ way to lose weight, but I was constantly hungry and thought about food all the time!”

“I tired those chocolate candies. They were called Aids, I believe. They were supposed to suppress your appetite. They didn’t suppress my appetite at all! In fact, I just ate more candies cause they tasted good! And of course, there was no weight loss,” Sue laughed.

“I tried joining and going to a gym for a while once with my sister. I lost a few inches, but not much weight, and I got discouraged. I figured I was just meant to be fat, that it was something in my genes! I didn’t renew my membership after the first month.”

“None of my weight loss attempts were good experiences. I had no success with them, and they just depressed me even more. I felt like a failure.”

“I first tried the Atkins diet 17 years ago when my youngest son was born. It worked great! I lost forty pounds and had a lot of energy. But with four young sons to feed, with their goodies around for them, it was just too hard for me to stay on it. Plus, there weren’t any of the low carbohydrate bars or snacks available back then. I went off and gained back the forty pounds plus a lot more.”

“Two years ago I knew I had to do something about my weight; it was out of control. I wanted sweets all the time and was eating even if I when I wasn’t hungry. I knew Atkins had worked before, and the other attempts I made didn’t. I decided to try the program once again.”

“I’ve had no problem sticking to the low carbohydrate way of eating this time. I can eat whenever I want, I have energy, I look better, and I feel great. There are a lot more low carb specialty foods, recipes, and choices out there now then there were the first time I did Atkins.”

“I can eat a lot of food and I never have to be hungry. All of my other diet attempts made me feel I needed to eat very little to lose weight.”

“Low carb was hard for me the first month,” Sue continued,”but now it is so easy. I no longer get out of breath when climbing stairs, I can go for long walks, and overall I just feel GOOD! Everyone tells me how great I look now. They even tell me not to lose any more weight! At first I had some negative feedback, with some people telling me this way of eating is not healthy. Now many of those same people see my success when they, too, are trying to lose weight in different ways and have failed. So what can they say?

“My husband has been low carbing with me the past two years and has lost 60 pounds. It is fun to see people we haven’t seen in a while and they don’t even recognize us!”

“I was so happy to meet Dr. Atkins about a month before he passed away. I was able to thank him for all he has done for me and others like me. He was impressed with my weight loss!”

“I recommend this way of eating to everyone who asks how I have lost weight. Some of them try it; some of them don’t. I just know it works for me and has changed my life!”

I asked Sue if she were speaking to a combined group of new low carbers and seasoned veterans about low carbing, what tips or advice would she give them regarding the following subjects, and she said:


“If you do, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just go back on your plan and continue on. You are going to cheat at times, and it is ok. Just don’t let it keep you from getting back on track. This is a way of life, not just a diet!!!”


“Hang in there…I stalled for almost 5 months, then continued on to lose both more pounds and more inches. I wouldn’t let the lack of weight loss get me down or discouraged. The loss will happen, just stay on track.”

Most important points to remember?

This is a life-long way of eating, a way of life. Enjoy it, try new recipes, and eat new foods. Remember how good you look and feel. Enjoy and remember all those compliments you’ll receive!!”

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