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Elizabeth from Tennessee is 32 years old and 5 feet, 7 inches tall. Elizabeth has been following the Atkins program since January 5, 2002. She started low carbing weighing 228 pounds and wearing a size 18, but now weighs 155 pounds and is wearing size 8/10. Elizabeth’s goal is to get her weight down to 140 pounds and eventually wear a size 6/8.

“When I got married I only weighed 125 pounds,” Elizabeth began. “But after I had my first child I had trouble losing the ‘baby weight’ and then started to gain more weight.”

“In 1990 I went on Weight Watchers and was able to lose some weight. But then I got pregnant with my second child and gained even more weight than before!”

“I joined and went to TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) and had some success with the program. The problem with TOPS as well as with Weight Watchers was that I was always hungry. That alone was enough for me to not be happy with either diet or make either of them long term doable.”

“I was struggling, trying to cut back on eating and controlling my portions – everything I could think of – and nothing ever worked! When I was on these diets I was irritable. I was weak and hungry all the time. Eventually I just gave up because the downsides of TOPS and Weight Watchers just didn’t make them worth it anymore for me.”

“I had known about low carb eating a couple of months before I actually tried it,” Elizabeth continued. “I gave it a go because I wanted to lose weight. However, the biggest reason I tried low carbing was because of my teenage daughter. She, too, wanted to lose some weight, and I felt like this would probably be the easiest and safest way to help her lose weight and well as myself.”

“I love this way of eating. I feel its one of the easiest diets I’ve ever tried. I have been following it for nearly two years now, and I feel it’s a lifestyle instead of a diet. Making it a lifestyle is the key to long term success.”

“The first few days I really missed my bread and sweets, but after the third day I didn’t even want them anymore. I eat whenever I am hungry – lots of small meals – and I never feel deprived. I never think about bread, noodles or pasta at all anymore. I still miss my sweets from time to time, but I have found some low carb chocolate bars and sugar free ice cream that are really good. Eating the low carbohydrate specialty products like the chocolate bars and ice cream occasionally hasn’t effected my weight loss at all.”

“The best plus to this way of life is that I have tons of energy all the time. My doctor is very proud because my blood pressure and my cholesterol are lower. And on top of that I have lost 73 pounds!” Elizabeth exclaimed.

“I’ve experienced lots of people saying that the low carb way of eating is not a safe diet, and that I’m going to make myself sick. I say to them, ‘If its not healthy, why do I feel better than I have felt in a years and why do I have so much energy?’ That usually stops any negative comments.”

“I have found, being nearly at my goal weight, that as long as I don’t eat bread and pastas I can eat sweets now and then and still keep my weight off. I would also like to stress that you don’t have to exercise on this diet to lose weight, but it does help tone your body and make you feel a lot better.”

“Remember, anyone can do this diet as long as you set your mind to it. Trust me, its very hard and not fun at all for the first couple of days. You will have withdrawal symptoms, headaches and cravings. But after that you can go on to your goal easily and will find you rarely if ever crave the carbs. Your appetite will decrease and you will feel wonderful.”

I asked Elizabeth if she were speaking to a combined group of new low carbers and seasoned veterans about low carbing what tips or advice would she give them regarding the following topics, and she replied:


“Don’t cheat, but if you do don’t give up just try harder. Find a low carb substitute for what your craving and always have them on hand.”

Stalls and Most important points to remember?

“Don’t give up! Remember you CAN and WILL lose weight following a low carb plan. If you will stick with this diet you will have more energy than you have ever had. You will feel better! Wait and see… the pounds and inches will start melting off.”  

Terrific job Elizabeth! We will do a follow-up with you once you reach your goal weight! GREAT JOB!

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