An Early Low Carb Success Story: Scott Anderson

Note from Andrew: This is a personal story about one of my best friends through high school and college. Unfortunately, we lost Scott to cancer around the age of 40. I miss my friend.

An Early Low Carb Success Story: Scott Anderson

This month’s success story is Scott Anderson. Scott is a teacher in Greece, NY and started the low carb lifestyle at the end of 1998. As of this writing, Scott has lost 42 pounds and is now at his maintenance weight. CarbSmart spent a few minutes with Scott to find out how he did it.

Why did you decide to lose weight?

Scott: Well, my clothes were too tight, I wasn’t sleeping well (snoring), I had no energy, and I had a friend who was having success with it and I thought I would try it as well. I didn’t have a bad self-image because of my weight, I really just want to see what it would do and if I could stick with it for a while.

Why did you decide to do low carb?

Scott: After reading the Atkins book, it seemed to make sense. I liked that I didn’t have to cut out some of the foods I enjoyed. I also started to add up the carbs in the foods I was eating regularly (french fries, soda, lots of bread, snacks in front of the tube) and I was shocked. It was a good way for me to cut those things out which every diet plan says are bad.

Did you follow any particular plan?

Scott: I basically followed the Atkins plan. I tried to get as close to 20 grams of carbs a day for the first 2 weeks and then 25 grams after that. I ate salads every day. I also started vitamins that were recommended in his book. I truly believe that the combination of the vitamins, weight loss, and exercise have kept me from getting any colds since the end of December. Wow! What a novel idea. Vitamins, weight loss, and exercise! I also drink a lot of water.

How much weight did you lose in what amount of time?

Scott: About 42 pounds since December 28. It fluctuates a pound or two, but I don’t get bothered by it.

What did you eat and what did you avoid? What are your favorite low carb things to eat?

Scott: Breakfast is the hardest. I didn’t want to eat as many eggs as Atkins was allowing, so I had decaffeinated coffee most days. Every once in a while I would have an Atkins bar. They’re really good for taking the edge off in the  morning. Most days I would cut one in half just to tide me over. I ate eggs about 2-3 times a week, mostly on weekends. Salads for lunch with lunch meat on top, Italian or Blue Cheese dressing, a cheese stick or cut up cheese. Dinners were mainly chicken, pork, or fish. I had some beef, but not a lot. I would have a few veggies, green beans, broccoli w/cheese, asparagus, or brussel sprouts. Fruits are hard not to eat. I love fruit and have had to try hard not to eat too much when given a chance. My favorite thing to eat are chicken wings each Tuesday with a group I go out with. It’s a nice reward each week. I also still drink a lot of water.

Did you exercise during low carb dieting? How Often? 

Scott: I joined a gym on a one month trial plan and loved it. I started out by walking and doing some free weights. I have now joined another gym closer to home and go regularly (3-5 times a week). I do a little running now that I’m not carrying the extra luggage and more work on the weight machines.

What does your family, co-workers, friends say to you about your low carb success?

Scott: My family have definitely noticed a difference in my appearance and energy level. My co-workers noticed right away and wanted to know what I was doing. Since I’ve started, there are about six other co-workers that have started it and have seen success. The women who have started this have shown a difference in how quickly they lose weight as compared to the men. I do recommend that you see you doctor first to let him know that you are going to start a low carb plan. He may be able to give you specifics about vitamins you should be taking.

Any suggestions for successful low carb dieting?

Scott: I thought that it would be a pain to keep checking everything I bought for its carb amount. After two weeks, it was really easy to know what you can and shouldn’t eat. I was never into chocolate, but I loved cola and coffee. I thought that I would have a hard time adjusting to no caffeine (headaches), but I had no trouble at all. I also started weighing myself a couple of times a week for the first 4-5 weeks, but I found that I really didn’t need to because I could tell I was losing weight in the clothes I was wearing. I only weigh myself occasionally now just for the heck of it. I’ve gone from pushing a 42″ waist to between a 36-38″ waist. My best advice is to take your vitamins regularly and did I mention DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

If you have a low carb success story or know someone who should be profiled, please send email to [email protected].

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