Ketogenic & Low-Carb Lifestyle Information News and Success Stories

Ketogenic & Low-Carb Lifestyle Information News and Success Stories

Acceptance of the Low-Carb Lifestyle by the Medical Community

The medical community is slowing accepting the low carb way of eating as a legitimate lifestyle. Take a look at the new information about low carbing and your health.

Resolving to Lose Weight in the New Year? The American Diabetes Association now supports the low carb lifestyle (FINALLY!)

New Survey Results Show Athletes More Carb-Conscious Thank Average Consumers

Diet Doctor Robert Atkins Dies After Fall

Vindication for the Atkins diet? A News Story From 11/19/2002

Atkins-Type Diet May Not Be So Bad for Cholesterol A Reuters News Story From 11/19/2002

What If It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?

All Carbohydrates Are Not Equal

Scientists Find Protein That Turns Carbs Into Fat

What The Heck Are Net Impact Carbohydrates? Nutritional Facts Labeling FAQ – UPDATED!

Studies suggest Atkins diet is safe

Diet Doctors Chew Fat Over Obesity

Is Low Carbing Safe For My Kidneys?

High Blood Pressure and the Low Carbohydrate Diet

Insulin Resistance


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