Low Carb Picnic Basket

Although CarbSmart no longer sells the Low Carb Picnic Basket, here are the items it contained.

Low-Carb Picnic Basket

Ahh, smell that sweet air, that freshly mowed grass, that meat on the grill! Yep, its summertime! Time to build a Low Carb Picnic Basket.

You’re looking for fantastic low carb foods and condiments to serve in the great outdoors, but where can you find them all in one place? Here at CarbSmart of course –presenting the Low Carb Picnic Basket!

This basket is brimming with some of the best outdoor-eats from some of the finest low carb manufacturers in the land — and they will DEFINITELY make for a crazy-delicious low carb BBQ or picnic! To get it all started — a superb BBQ cookbook by famed low-carb author Dana Carpender, plus low carb tortilla chips, sugar-free drink mix, low carb ketchup and mustard, 2 kinds of all natural seasoning & meat rub mix, low carb barbecue sauce, and sugar-free brownie mix for a delectable dessert! Wow!

Create the summertime event of a lifetime with the The Low Carb Picnic Basket from CarbSmart.com today!

The Low Carb Picnic Basket contains:*

* Due to certain stock restrictions, we may need to substitute some of the items in the basket for something of equal or greater value at no additional charge to you. Your basket may look slightly different.

**Please remember that our baskets contain sugar-free chocolates, candies, and other products which are made with sugar alcohols, and are not meant for children. Sugar alcohols can cause a laxative effect in some individuals – especially in children. Be sure to consume with care until you know how sugar alcohols affect you.**

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