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Anne from Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia is 61 years old and 5′ 4″ tall. Anne has been following the Atkins program since October of 1999, and has dropped from her high weight of 246 pounds and top size of 24 to a current low weight of 173 pounds and is now wearing a size 12.

“I have always seen myself as fatter than other people,” Anne began, “even though I now believe I was nowhere near as bad as I thought I was as a child. I have always suffered from pneumonia, bronchitis, and other chest complaints, but I was always very active in sports. However, after injuring my legs I was unable to burn very much of the calories I was taking in and so I progressively put on weight.”

“It seemed tha tfor every illness or emotional trauma I suffered, I put on another two or three kilos. My weight steadily increased and my self-esteem was decreased. To add to my growing feeling of uselessness, I was unable to secure employment, even though I knew I had many skills and talents that should have qualified me for interviews at the very least.”

“I tried to diet many times,” Anne continued. “I always tried to lose weight with low fat, high carbohydrate regimes of varying severity. I was never successful beyond the first two weeks no matter how long I was on them, which was sometimes two or three months. At that point I would always get discouraged at the lack of results and I would give up.”

“The only thing that was successful for me was the Weight Watchers program I tried a few years ago. But then I moved away from the Weight Watchers center I was participating in and lost my job, so was I unable to keep up that regime.”

“I have never taken any weight loss medications and never wanted to. The medications I HAD to have were enough to make me rattle when I walked,” Anne laughed.

“When I weighed 246 pounds and was unable to walk without a walking stick, when I was suffering from frequent asthma attacks and getting steadily even larger, I spoke to my doctor in desperation and told her how I felt. She sensed my unhappiness and suggested that I might like to try a different approach. At that stage I was ready to try anything to feel better and to lose a bit of weight.”

“She suggested I buy the Atkins book (Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution), and that I should prepare for the diet by going home and throwing out all my potatoes, rice, pasta, and anything made with flour.”

“By the time I was able to get the book (two weeks later), I had already lost 10 pounds, and couldn’t believe that I was feeling thirty years younger. I had boundless energy even still grossly overweight. I never dreamed that I would lose so much weight so easily! ”

“Christmas came and went,” Anne said, “and I even lost weight through all the festivities! I was able to be so focussed because I had never felt this well. I didn’t get my insulin levels tested when I first began low carbing, and since my three-month blood test showed that I had elevated fasting insulin levels, I can only imagine what my insulin levels were when I started.”

“It took me eight months to lose 70 pounds. During this period I lost my dear husband. Instead of bingeing out with self-pity and grief, I was able to keep on keeping on because of the sense of wellness I was experiencing from low carbing.”

“I drove across the Simpson Desert that year, something I would never have had the confidence or the good health to attempt before. Last year, I took an around-the-world trip, all alone, carrying all my own luggage, and feeling fit and happy,” Anne smiled.

“As I progressed on this way of life, I was able to gradually reduce and eliminate ALL the medications I was taking. I was on hormone replacement therapy and was able to dispense with that within weeks. I was only taking HRT for the symptoms of hyperinsulinemia, so they were useless once I began low carbing anyway. When I began to feel well and energetic, I was able to stop that medication.”

“The next medication I aimed at eliminating was my cholesterol control therapy,” Anne explained. “My first blood test after starting low carbohydrate eating showed a distinct improvement in my cholesterol levels! I asked my doctor whether I could reduce this medication, too, an she suggested that I go off of it altogether, stating after a later test she would assess what dosage, if any, I might need. I needed NONE! My cholesterol went from in excess of an overall 8 count down to 4.1 !!!”

“My asthma medication was the next to go – no more puffers. I found I could wash all my windows or mop a whole floor without needing rest breaks. How wonderful to be so well!”

“My blood pressure medications were the most difficult to eliminate. It took two and a half years to get there, but then I was on them for twelve years. It seemed only right that this would be a longer process. They are gone now, and my blood pressure is still ‘just fine.’ I came in at 140/75 the last time I was checked. My doctor is ecstatic, and further convinced of the efficacy of this way of life.”

“In mid-2000, I started a local support group for people who were low carbing. It struck me that there was nothing in the way of help for people who are not on the Internet, particularly in Australia. It seemed that all the information, shopping advice, and recipes were aimed at Americans. The group grew, even though sometimes it seemed that it would be easier to let it go, it survived.”

“After my overseas trip, it was suggested that some people in the northern suburbs might be seeking support, so I advertised for interested people and established a second group. Since then two more groups in the South, and another in the North are up and running, and inquiries are coming from all over the place! We have one country group and another about to be established.”

“The support groups meet monthly, receive a monthly newsletter, have a handbook with information about hyperinsulinemia, associated illnesses, diet, and recipes. The members are able to buy in bulk things like packaged almond kernels, meal, and protein powder. They have access to 24-hour telephone assistance. We discuss saboteur tactics and nay-sayers. We have a list of “tame” doctors and web sites. The support groups also have access to our own web site, although it is currently still under construction.”

“A local endocrinologist and a local nutritionist have recently been giving public information talks, and they have been very supportive of our groups. We have allergists, naturopaths, and many other professional people now recommending the groups to their patients!”

“I am now three years into this new way of living, and I cannot believe that I would backslide to the point where I was back in the awful situation I was in before I started low carbing. The thought of how I used to feel is what keeps me on track. I can honestly say I have had no more than four or five pieces of bread in the past three years, and I’ve had absolutely no pizza, rice or pasta. This is the easiest diet I’ve ever been on. It works, and continues to work.”

“I find the only difficulties with living a low carbohydrate lifestyle are getting other people to understand that I do not eat certain things, and finding suitable desserts in a restaurant. But these ‘difficulties’ I can live with quite comfortably.”

I asked Anne to share any tips she might have for fellow low carbers:

“My only recommendation in respect to cheating is if you must, give yourself permission, then get on with it again,” Anne said. “And in regard to stalls, I would say nothing lasts forever even if it feels like it does. I’ve been in a stall for two years, but that’s OK so long as I am not gaining weight and am still feeling well. If you are still feeling well, then the diet is still working.”

“The most important thing to remember is where you have come from. This is the best thing I know to keep one focussed. Do I want to feel like I used to? Do I want to need medications again? Do I want to have to squeeze into a size 24 again? The answers to those questions are, ‘No,’ ‘No,’ and No!'”

“What I need is confidence, good health and lots of energy. Do I need that ice cream, that chocolate or that biscuit (cookie). You bet I don’t!!!!!” Anne concluded firmly.

When Anne’s group web site is up and running, we will inform you. I’m certain that there’s going to be lots of useful information there!

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