Bacon Freak “Christmas in July” 50% off Apparel Sale!

Bacon Freak

Keep Calm and Eat Bacon T-Shirt from
Keep Calm and Eat Bacon T-Shirt from
As low carb dieters, we’re automatically bacon lovers. As bacon lovers, we want to spread the high fat/low carb joy of living the bacon lifestyle.

Bacon is not just a trendy treat these days its part of our low carb way of life. Sporting some bacon shirts will surely get you noticed – and envied by all your low carb and non-low carb friends.

Try on our bacon clothing!


With July being filled with summer blockbusters, long summer days, shorts, dresses and flip flops… it’s beginning to look a lot like… Christmas! Yeah, we’re going there and we’re taking you with us. It’s never too early to take care of some Christmas shopping for family, friends, and even yourself. And with our Christmas in July Apparel Sale, you can snag your favorite Bacon Freak tops at 50% off.

Bacon Freak Bacon-themed Apparel makes for awesome gifts, whether you’re starting your holiday shopping early or treating yourself to a wardrobe upgrade. Bacon clothing is always in style, and their large selection of bacon designs are available on both warm and cool weather clothing.

for 50% off All Apparel!
Offer Valid Through 7/29/13

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Eat More Bacon T-Shirt

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Eat More Bacon T-Shirt from
Eat More Bacon T-Shirt from

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