CarbSmart Magazine Issue 04: June 2013: Farmer’s Markets & Summer Vegetables

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Articles by Dana Carpender, Dr. Eric Westman, Amy Dungan, Caitlin Weeks, Valerie Berkowitz, Susie T. Gibbs, Jacqueline Eberstein, RN, and many more.

Also includes 12 low carb/high fat recipes.


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CarbSmart Magazine Issue 04: June 2013
Farmer’s Markets & Summer Vegetables:


FARMERS MARKETS: A Total Grocery Solution By Valerie Berkowitz Farmers markets are known for selling fresh locally grown produce, but did you know fresh free range meat and poultry, eggs, and cheese are also available?

THE DOWNSIDE TO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: What You May Not Know By Jacqueline Eberstein One of the potentially damaging side effects you are rarely told about is the negative effect of medications on nutrient levels. Drugs can interfere with absorption of nutrients or inappropriately increase excretion. Keep in mind that vitamins and minerals play a major role in hundreds and hundreds of chemical reactions in the body vital for life.

HELPING DAD RECLAIM HIS HEALTH By Peter Ballerstedt In honor of Father’s Day, I was asked to share tips or advice on how to help a dad or husband eat “healthier.”

FEED YOUR BODY WHAT IT NEEDS by Adele Hite We all want to make good choices when it comes to feeding ourselves and our family. But recommendations to “eat this, not that” sometime feel more like “eat this, not that, and not that, and not that either, and for goodness sake, don’t even think of eating that!” With messages like this from friends, family, and Facebook, we may lose sight of the real purpose of food: to provide essential nourishment to our bodies.



PRODUCT & GADGET REVIEWS: Our Picks Of “Stuff You Gotta Try”

BOOK REVIEWS: Our Picks Of Books Well-Worth Reading

MOVIE REVIEWS: Our Movie Picks For The Discerning Low Carber

RESTAURANT REVIEWS: Our Restaurant Picks For The Dedicated Low Carber


DANA’S KITCHEN with Dana Carpender: IT’S THE BERRIES: Back in the Roaring Twenties, if you wanted to say something was the best, popular slang was “It’s the berries!” And no wonder. Who doesn’t like berries? Too, they’re still a seasonal treat, if only because out-of-season berries are pretty terrible. Take advantage of the season!

FRESH & SEASONAL with Caitlin Weeks: GRILLED HE-MAN VEGGIES: Summer is a great time for grilling and vegetables are an important part of a low carb diet, as they help detox the liver for more effective fat burning. Colorful summer vegetables are also full of antioxidants that help slow the aging process and help protect us from cancer.

FRESH & SEASONAL with Susie T. Gibbs: THE SECRET TO GREAT STEAK: The number one rule of great steak is “Start with great meat.” What defines great meat? Is it grass‑fed, is it local, is it natural, is it grain finished? Yes. But, let your pocket‑book and monthly food budget answer that question.

10 BEST FOODS OF SUMMER From eggplant to garlic, Dana runs down the best of the summer season.

BUDGET LOW CARB COOKING: FEED A FAMILY OF 4 FOR UNDER $10 Farmers Market Bounty – The promise of summertime harvests, and lure of the Farmers Market and local farm stands, gets me thinking about deliciously easy, budget friendly, summer veggie dishes. And, for 12g of net carbohydrate or less per serving, these dishes are also low-carb and Paleo friendly, too.


HEY DOC WITH Dr. JIM CARLSON: Doctor suggesting too many carbs? Am I exercising too much? Dr. Jim Carlson answers your thorniest questions.

FIT TO LIVE WITH KENT ALTENA: Exercise at Sea — When most people think about cruising though, exercise is probably the last thing on their minds.

FITNESS: Going Primal – An Insider’s Look at CrossFit
By Sagdrina Jalal – I am a certified personal trainer and have been a focused exerciser for over twenty years. Looking for a very structured plan that would offer variety and intensity, I discovered CrossFit, which was new on the scene in my neighborhood. It seemed like a perfect fit.

BEAUTY: More Than Skin Deep By Sagdrina Jalal – Given our obsession with youthfulness and beauty, there is no shortage of products designed to cleanse, moisturize, and improve the elasticity of the skin. And let me tell you, Americans readily answer the call by spending billions of dollars on cosmetics and other skin care products every year. Even I find myself lured by late night infomercials promising the fountain of youth in a jar.

KITCHEN TABLE WISDOM: Our best resource – the Low Carb Community shares tips and ideas for making the lifestyle simpler and more effective. Join the gang!

SUCCESS STORIES WITH AMY DUNGAN: Leigh Ann Bishop has been married for 18 years, and is the mother of 3 beautiful. Living in South Mississippi, she has an important and busy job as a homemaker. She devotes her time to her family, coaching softball, and her church. She has also devoted time to caring for herself, as you’ll learn in this month’s inspiring success story.

THE BOYS NEXT DOOR: These Beauts are Made for Walking by Keith Johnson – I’m a big fan of “voluntary vegetables” – food that grows itself with little help from me.


Eat Your Veggies! by Dr. Eric Westman – When it comes to eating vegetables in the context of a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, there are several things to keep in mind. First off, we are not talking about “fruits and vegetables,” like other nutrition folks, we really are talking just about vegetables. Because the nutritional content and metabolic effects of fruit (a.k.a. ‘nature’s candy’) are so different than vegetables, we must think of them differently, and when you are trying to maximize ‘fat-burning’ in a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, it is the non-starchy vegetables that are the healthiest.

CHEM LAB: Who Knew Writing About Endothelial Function Could Get This Involved? by Dana Carpender – Dr. Lundell, a retired cardiothoracic surgeon, and author of The Cure for Heart Disease, stated that coronary artery disease is not caused by blood cholesterol or fat in the diet. This was no surprise to me, since I have long considered the cholesterol hypothesis of heart disease etiology to be disproved. All along it’s been clear that only half of heart attack victims ever had “high” cholesterol to begin with.

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