Danny From Brooklyn’s Low Carb Success Story

Danny is from Brooklyn, New York, and is 37 years old. He is 5′ 11″ tall, and began the Atkins program in October of 2000 weighing 264 pounds. He currently weighs in at 195 pounds, and is well on his way to his goal weight of 185 pounds. Danny has dropped from size 44 to a 33, and is nearly at his goal size 32!

“I was overweight for at least 12 years prior to starting Atkins,” Danny said. “I did everything from Weight Watchers and Nutri System to Jenny Craig. Nothing gave me the staying power like the Atkins plan does! I lost about 25 pounds on Weight Watchers before giving up due to my uncontrollable hunger pangs. I gave it my best shot for about two months, as it is touted by all to be the most balanced and healthy diet.”

“I tried Nutri System because it seemed like everybody was on it and because of the constant media it was getting. I gave Jenny Craig a go, too, as they had a ‘special’ on their food. With all of these plans, I suffered from terrible hunger, and I just couldn’t deal with it. I was hungry, tired, and irritable all the time! I had to constantly measure and watch every single thing I put in my mouth. It was completely unacceptable and inhuman, in my opinion. These diets simply make you lose weight because you eat things in very abnormally small portions and the foods have nothing in them to sustain you.”

“I was diagnosed in August of 2000 with Type 2 diabetes. My doctor gave me a diet to follow which was low on protein and high in carbs. And while my blood sugar kept rising, I also was not losing weight! Additionally, I was feeling worse and worse. Then while on a cruise I was watching CNN and heard Dr. Atkins speak. It persuaded me to call the Atkins Center and make an appointment when I got back to New York.”

“The great part of this way of eating is, of course, being able to eat to satisfy my hunger with the foods that my body naturally wants. The bad part is the dumb comments people make while watching you eat. People seem to think my healthy look and body are the result of something other than the way of eating I now have and have been following so religiously.”

“This way of eating is very simple for me. I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I just do not and never will eat those “artificial carbs.” A low carb diet is the easiest thing in the world to stick with.”

“My ‘intimate’ relationships have gone from zero to being rated ‘Don Juan’! I am now in the best physical condition I have been in since high school. People are still in shock, knowing that I have been fat for so long and that I now seem to be able eat steaks and cheese burgers (no bun, of course) while the weight falls off.”

In conclusion, Danny offered up some advice for fellow low carbers:

“Cheating while on the major portion of the diet is really a psychological thing. It does not help you at all to lose the weight. Carbs are really bad for you! To this day, with only ten pounds to go, if I put as much as a cookie in my mouth (and I have), I actually get physically sick and extremely weak. If you have to cheat, cheat with protein and fat!”

“Additionally, I have cursed Atkins at least once a month when it appeared I was only losing ounces or not losing at all. But the weight falls off when your body is ready. What helped me was to reduce my portions and to go on a fat fast every once in a while.”

“The most important point to remember is, patience. You will lose the weight, you will succeed!”

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