Valerie Berkowitz Is A Dietitian Even Dr. Atkins Could Love! Podcast Interview by Jimmy Moore

Hello and welcome back to The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!

Jimmy is very pleased to share his interview with Dr. Atkins’ very own hand-picked registered dietitian, Valerie Berkowitz. Valerie, besides being a nutrition specialist and wife of former guest Dr. Keith Berkowitz, is the nutrition consultant for the magazines Prevention and Men’s Health, and the co-author of the book The Stubborn Fat Fix: Eat Right to Lose Weight and Cure Metabolic Burnout without Hunger or Exercise.

Listen in as they discuss what exactly “metabolic burnout” is, what the ideal number of meals each day should be, Valerie’s recommendations for daily supplements and much, MUCH more!

If you are in the greater NYC area and are interested in being seen by the Berkowitzes, they treat through their practice, The Center For Balanced Health near Rockefeller Center.

Link to podcast: Valerie Berkowitz Is A Dietitian Even Dr. Atkins Could Love! (Episode 251)

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