Low Carb Holiday Shopping Guide: A Very Paleo Christmas To You!

Have some paleo peeps on your shopping list? I know it’s getting awfully close to The Date, but here are a few quick ideas:

Holiday Shopping Guide: Paleo Books and Cookbooks

Dana Carpender's 500 Paleo RecipesYou know I’m going to recommend my new book, 500 Paleo Recipes right?

There are other paleo cookbooks, so I’m told. Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook gets great reviews. If your recipient is primal rather than paleo (with “primal” being pretty much “paleo plus quality dairy”), you can’t go wrong with The Primal Blueprint Cookbook or The Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals.
Eat Like a DinosaurYour giftee is trying to raise paleo, primal, or simply gluten-free kids? Eat Like a Dinosaur is a fun, family-friendly guide to getting the kids off of junk and onto real food. This might also make a nice gift for a kid in, say, the 10-and-up group who has been diagnosed as gluten-intolerant, and is struggling with “What do I eat now?”

Other Paleo-Friendly Items

Enough with the books. Want to give a gift that will be appreciated for months to come? Go to Local Harvest and buy your loved one a membership in a local CSA – Community Sponsored Agriculture farm. This will give him or her access to local, organically-raised food at prices well below those you’ll find at the grocery or health food store, or even the local farmer’s market. Different farms offer different sorts of foods, so read the descriptions carefully. Personally, I’d prefer one that sells meat, while many offer primarily produce. For the primal eater, you might also look for a “cow share” – a membership in a farm that produces raw, grass fed dairy. In some areas – like mine – this is the only way to get raw milk.

You could also put together a gift basket of extravagant paleo treats: Nuts, organic chocolate, extra virgin coconut oil and some coconut butter, some organic dried fruit if they don’t have blood sugar problems. The nice thing about this is you can assemble a gift in 15 minutes at your local health food grocery store. Check the Goodwill for a basket.

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