Make-Ahead Low-Carb Holiday Recipes, Part III: Holiday Desserts

Low Carb Cooking 101 Special Edition: Holiday Desserts

Low-Carb Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

Written by Di Bauer December 15, 2001, Updated by Andrew DiMino January 15, 2015

We All Love Low-Carb Desserts

There were times in my past when the desserts for holiday meals actually served as my main course. I can specifically remember holiday meals of my childhood where I would calculate precisely how much of the “boring” food I had to eat before my mother would let me hit the dessert buffet.

Times have changed thank goodness! Now I enjoy the Low-Carb main and side dishes more than the Low-Carb desserts. The desserts are an afterthought, a “nice touch,” but they do not hold forth on center stage for me anymore. I actually like creating Low-Carb desserts more than I enjoy eating them.

Could it be that I’m finally becoming a grown-up? Gasp! Perish the thought! No, I think it’s just that after several years of low carbing my tastes have changed. In time I think that yours will, too–if they haven’t already.

All of the Low-Carb Holiday Dessert recipes below are simple, and yet they will add the final touch to your holiday meal that most of us crave. They can all be made ahead of time, and several of them can be made in individual portions. If you are the lone low carber and are traveling to a family dinner, you can take just one portion of your dessert and won’t have to lug the entire dessert along with you. (This is also a good trick to keep from overindulging.) Of course, if you bring the whole thing, I promise that the non-low-carbers will never know the difference.

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Have a wonderful holiday. I wish you peace, and I wish you joy.

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