Men’s Bacon Meat Tie: A Great Holiday Gift

Men's Bacon Meat Tie
Men’s Bacon Meat Tie Perfect Gift for the holidays!

As a low carb dieter, it is natural to like, I mean love bacon. There’s a sizzling bacon revolution going on and we’re caught in the frying pan. We love bacon and eggs. We love bacon wrapped filets. We can eat bacon morning, noon, and night – and yes, some of us do. Bacon is low carb and we are the Bacon Nation.

My favorite bacon haiku from the Bacon Haikus Blog:

I can’t speak for you
But my favorite pig of all
Is the one I eat

Men's Bacon Meat TieWith the holidays coming up, what better way to show your favorite bacon fiend you love them and their low carb lifestyle than by giving them a Men’s Bacon Meat Tie. This 54 inch bacon novelty tie is gift packaged for making it the stand out gift you’ll give this season. This hot and crispy bacon gift will be the most loved gift of the season.

Now just because I haven’t worn a tie since 1998 doesn’t mean I won’t be giving it to some of my favorite low carb friends. Yes, one for you. Oh yes, one for you too. So many low carb dieters I know will be a hit at the office when they wear their Men’s Bacon Meat Tie.

Made of Polyester.

Great for:

    Christmas gifts

  • Birthdays gifts
  • Get Well Soon gifts
  • Graduation
  • Weddings
  • (Sorry, probably not a good gift for Hanukkah)

Other great bacon gifts:

Eat More Bacon T-Shirt

The “Keep Calm and Eat Bacon” T-Shirt

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