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Robin from Portland is 30 years old and 5′ 6″ tall. Robin has been following the Stillman Diet program since August 2, 2002, and in just nine months has shrunk from 330 pounds and a size 28/30 to 186 pounds and size 12! Even her shoe size has shrunk from 9 1/2 wide to 8 1/2 medium! Robin’s goal is to weigh 170 and wear a size 10.

“I was a heavy child,” Robin told me. “I lost some weight at age 15 on Jenny Craig, but I got sick and had to stop the plan. Of course, I gained all the weight I had lost back – plus more.”

“For most of the past 15 years I have weighed between 290 pounds and 330 pounds. I had no desire to even try dieting. Looking at my family, I thought it was useless. My mother and her side of the family are all heavy. I assumed it was all in my genes, so why even try? After losing weight when I was 15 and gaining it all back, I was sure it would only happen the same way again. But after losing weight low carbing, that mindset is gone. I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN NOW! I love being a ‘normal’ size!”

“I have a condition called Arnold Chari Malformation Type 1 that was misdiagnosed for years,” Robin explained. “For years, the doctors blamed all my health problems on my weight. In fact, all along, my health problems were was due the condition I had. I was told time and time again that if I lost weight I would ‘get better.’ I never believed them; I knew it was something else. The condition may be the cause of my weight issues, but we are not sure. Losing weight does not make the condition any better.”

“As I mentioned, I did Jenny Craig 15 years ago when I was in high school. I tried it for my parents. I hated it, but stuck it out for them. I was on the Jenny Craig program for about four months until my doctor made me stop. I was young and don’t remember much about it. Following Jenny Craig made me a little upset; that much I do remember. I hated bringing prepackaged foods to school. Jenny Craig also made me sick. I wound up having three menstrual cycles in less then two months. That is why my parents and doctor made me stop. The program was so programmed that I did not even have to think about what I was going to eat; all I had to do was just looked at a chart. But I missed eating the kinds of things I wanted to, when I wanted to,” Robin sighed. “But I did lose weight, so I can say Jenny Craig did work to a certain extent.”

“On my 30th birthday I looked in the mirror. I was not happy with the person I saw. I decided I was going to change, and decided to begin the change by doing some research. I found a plan I thought would work and it did, the Stillman Diet! I lost over 30 pounds the first month and have kept losing even since.”

“I had heard about low carb diets for a few years and thought one of them would work for me. However, at first I did not see how I could live without the things I loved – mainly breads! I just had a feeling it would work and usually my feelings turn out to be correct.”

“I have had nothing but great results since beginning low carbing.

“The downside is the plan has almost no fiber. I have had to deal with herbal laxatives to keep me regular. I really hate this part! But the upside, fast weight loss, has made it all worth the annoyance.”

“I know I won’t have a problem sticking with this way of eating. It is VERY easy for me! With some of the products they have now, I can deal with all the little issues I may have now and in the future. My ‘issues mainly involve chocolate!!!” Robin laughed. “Even though I am allergic to caffeine, I cannot live without a little chocolate during PMS.”

“Believe it or not, I feel the same health-wise as I did before I lost the weight. Prior to low carbing, I was big but healthy. Now I am smaller and I continue to be healthy.”

“EVERYONE is in shock, but very happy for me,” Robin continued. “Most have seen other people try dieting and fail, and they thought I would do the same. I have proven them wrong! I have not seen any of my family since before I started, but they have seen pictures of me since I have lost weight and they are excited for me. Next week my brother is coming to visit me. I can’t wait until he sees me in person!”

Robin had some advice for fellow low carbers:

“Don’t give in and cheat!!” Robin exclaimed. “Once you cheat, even a little, the cravings get worse and all you wind up doing is eating even more rotten high carbohydrates foods than you intended to. If you do cheat, I suggest buying something in a single-serving size, take a bite of it, and throw the rest in the trash.”

“Stalls happen to almost everybody,” Robin continued. “If you encounter a stall, see if something in your recent dietary intake has changed. Keep a journal of what you eat. If you added something recently, take it out of your diet and see what happens. Other than that, just keep plugging along and chances are you will begin losing again. Be patient!”

“The most important thing to remember is that going off-plan for even a day will put your weight loss back for several days – or more! Stay on plan as best you can, and if you have to slip just get back on and keep going. Never give up!”

Robin is just 16 pounds from goal! We’ll check back with her once she gets there!


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