Teri From Massachusetts’ Low Carb Success Story

Teri is from Massachusetts, and 40 years old. She has lost 80 pounds following the Atkins program for the last four years. Teri is 5′ 4″ tall. She started on the Atkins program weighing 240 pounds and wearing a size 22, but now she wears a size 8/10. Teri’s would like to lose 10 to 15 more pounds and wear a size 8.

“Ever since I was a child I’ve had weight problems,” Teri said. “It probably started with the good, traditional Italian grandmother I had. She was always saying ‘Eat, eat, eat! No, you’re not fat! Eat!!!’ YIKES! So from there, I guess, it just got to be a habit to always ‘Eat!'”

When I was 12 or 13, my mother had both my sister and I enroll in a nutrition program at a hospital. That only lasted a short time, though. From junior high on I wasn’t really happy with myself. When I entered high school, I saw other girls going out with boys. You know how it is at that age. High school was when I first really had the
desire to lose the weight.”

“I went to a doctor who was a chiropractor, not a medical doctor, but was willing to put me on amphetamines (black beauties). Oh, they were beauties indeed! I lost 60 pounds in just six months! I maintained that weight for a while, but then the inevitable happened. Yep, all my weight and then some returned. After that point I would lose a bit then gain, each time going up a few more pounds from where I had started.”

“I have tried many weight loss medications such as amphetamines, Phen Phen, Redux, and Meridia. I tried these because I thought the weight would come off quicker if I used them. I wouldn’t eat much, if anything at all. I used amphetamines for almost two years. One year straight through, then I built up a tolerance to them, so I stopped taking them for a while. But then started taking them again. The good thing about them was that I had energy like you wouldn’t believe and lost an incredible amount of weight. The bad thing was that it didn’t last. I felt fine while taking them. The only side effects that I can remember was having a severely dry mouth.”

I took the Phen Phen and Redux when they first came out. I stuck with them until they were taken off the market. They were OK. I lost some weight. After that I went to Weight Watchers to try to maintain my loss. Prior to all of this, I had been on Weight Watchers several times, done Richard Simmons, a three-day diet consisting of hard boiled eggs, hot dogs and oranges, the Miracle Soup Diet, and even attempted using Exlax on a daily basis. (That tends to be a bit difficult, if you know what I mean!) I know there are more things I tried on my own, anything to help, but unfortunately they did not work. Due to pure frustration, I just gave up trying to lose weight.”

“Eating low carb has been a GREAT experience! I LOVE this way of life! I have had no problems at all. I love my meats, eggs, fish, fowl, etc. I don’t have a problem refusing or staying away from illegal foods. I have gotten so adjusted to this way of eating that it is actually a breeze!! If I do crave a treat, there are legal ones I can have. My energy level is way up there! Sometimes I lag a bit only because I’m working two jobs, but other than that, no problem.”

Teri started her journey in July of 1998. “It’s kind of a funny story in a sad sort of way. My sister found out about low carbing four years ago and told my niece about it. They weren’t going to tell me. Well, my sister wasn’t. My niece ended up telling me and she said that her mom didn’t want me to know because she wanted to lose her weight first. I had already been losing from being on Weight Watchers, doing it myself, about 40 pounds. When my niece told me I ran out and got the book. After reading it, I knew it was something I could do so I did and loved it! As for my sister, I don’t think she ever opened the book. Too bad for her.”

“Honestly, I have found nothing negative about this lifestyle, other than the fact that it can get boring – if you let it. I have never really had that problem. If you are a person who likes their deserts, there are plenty of legal ones that are awesome!!

The best part is about low carbing, of course, the weight loss. As long as you maintain this way of eating, your weight will stay off. Additional benefits we get for this way of life are the great foods we are allowed to eat and the health benefits; they are all big ‘plus’ in my book. I haven’t been sick in four years. No colds, no flu – nothing! I feel so much better about myself, too!”

“Low carbing has worked great for me. I have kept my weight off with no problem at all. I am never hungry, and I if I am….. well……. I EAT! Low carbing is extremely easy for me to stick with. I’ve had no problems at all.

As for feedback, Teri said, “My mom thinks it is great that I can eat this way and not miss my breads and pastas. She’s told me, ‘Goodness, Teri, I give you so much credit for being able to stick with this!’ Mom’s thrilled, and has nothing bad to say about it except for concern over lack of vitamins. But I let her know that I take supplements.”

“Some of the people at work, one lady in particular, think I shouldn’t be eating this way. Her comment to me all the time is ‘You’ll be a good looking corpse.’ She claims she has read negative information regarding the Atkins Diet. Of course, I come right back at her with all the positive information I have come across.”

In concluding our interview, Teri offered up some advice: “If you cheat, don’t sweat it, just get right back into it. There’s no point dwelling on your cheat, just get right back on track. Stalls? Hmmmmmm….. I have had problems with stalls. I would tell you to try the reversal diet, decrease or increase carb intake, check for hidden carbs, and make sure your water intake is up there at 64 ounces a day, with an additional eight ounces for every 25 pounds you have to lose.”

“The most important points to remember are to take your vitamins, drink plenty of water, and watch for hidden carbs. If your hungry, eat, eat, eat! (Low carb foods only, of course.)”

“If you are a person that has tried everything under the sun to lose weight and you haven’t tried Atkins, you should. It’s a GREAT way of life, simple, awesome foods to eat, and even great legal treats. What have you got to lose except pounds?”

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