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For Product Manufacturers & Marketers

If you have a product or service or restaurant you think would be of interest to our community of low carb dieters, diabetics, or paleo dieters, feel free to email us at As the largest independent guide to the low carb lifestyle, we’re always looking to help our readers live a better life.

We will review your product or service or restaurant, if it is relevant to our community. We prefer to purchase our own samples of products but we want to make one thing clear:

If you send us a sample of your product for free, we are going to honestly tell our readers what we thought of the product – if we like it, if we love it, or if we hate it – we’re going to say so.

Here is what we give your product or service or restaurant:

  • An honest review on Good or bad. If we like your product, we’ll say so. If we love your product, we’ll say so. If we hate your product, we’ll say so.
  • Promotion of the review on Twitter, Facebook, our email newsletters and other appropriate social media platforms.
  • Whether we like your product or not, we will tell our readers where and how to purchase.

How to be considered for a review:

Email us at with the subject line “Product Review Pitch” and the name of your product or service or restaurant. Provide any details we will need to complete our review.

If you would like to send us samples of your products, please send them to: Product Reviews
PO Box 635
Las Vegas, NV 89125

For Our Readers

From time to time, we will post product reviews for which we either paid for or have received compensation in the form of product samples. We will always disclose when we have received a product for a review for free, and you can be assured that our review will be an honest one. We will never lie and say we loved something just because it was free. We will always provide an honest assessment, both pros and cons, so that you have an honest appraisal of our experience with the product being reviewed. Just because we liked something or hated it, doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same. is no longer operating as an online store.

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