FAQ Sugar Free Chocolates and Their Ingredients

CarbSmart.com no longer operates as an online store. No matter where you purchase sugar free chocolates or low carb chocolates from, this information will apply to your purchase.

Q: What is that white stuff on my chocolate?
A: Chocolate contains cocoa butter, a vegetable fat that is sensitive to heat and humidity. Temperatures above 75° will cause chocolate to melt. The cocoa butter can rise to the surface and form a grayish discoloration called “cocoa butter bloom.” Condensation on milk or semi-sweet chocolate may cause the sugar to dissolve and rise to the surface as “sugar bloom.” Neither “bloom” affects the quality or flavor of the chocolate and, once melted, the chocolate will regain its original color. (Taken from Hershey’s Chocolate FAQ site)

Q: Can I eat Low Carb Chocolate and stay in ketosis?
A: Yes you can. For most people, the sugar substitute in sugar free chocolates, maltitol, does not raise your blood sugar levels or reduce your ability to stay in ketosis. Recent studies agree with this but each person’s body is different so you should monitor your consumption to see if there are any changes for you.

Q: What is maltitol, the sweetener used in most sugar free chocolates?
A: Maltitol is a polyol. Polyols are carbohydrates but they are not sugars. Unlike artificial sweeteners like aspartame which is used in very small amounts, polyols are used in the same quantity as sugar. Chemically, polyols are considered sugar alcohols because part of their structure resembles sugar and part is similar to alcohols. However, these sugar-free sweeteners are neither sugars nor alcohols, as these words are commonly used. Examples of sugar alcohols include maltitol, sorbitol, mannitol, lactitol, and xylitol. A majority of it is excreted out of the body during the digestion process. What this means is that excess consumption of polyols can cause a laxative effect so please monitor your consumption. To learn more about polyols, please visit our article, What The Heck Are Net Impact Carbohydrates? Nutritional Facts Labeling FAQ.

Q: Do these sugar-free chocolates honestly taste like “real” chocolate?
A: Yes, yes, and again – YES! Some people believe that they actually taste better! All over our site, we have actual customer testimonials sent in over the years. Also, we choose only the best brands to sell on LowCarbChocolates.com so you can be assured to get the top products available.

Q: Where are you located?
A: CarbSmart used to sell low carb, sugar free and diabetic products for 13 years. We stopped operating as an online store in April of 2012. Our headquarters is located in northern Nevada.

Q: Are low carb products also gluten free?
A: Some are and some are not. Some sugar free and diabetic products are also Gluten Free. You can find our evaluation of gluten free, low carb items at Items That Are Gluten Free & Low Carb. For a full selection of hundreds of gluten free products, visit our GlutenSmart web site.

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