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Jeff Martell from Ontario, Canada, is 46 years old and 5′ 6″ tall. He has been following the Atkins program since February of 2002, and has dropped from a high weight of 276 pounds down to just 190 pounds! His waist has shrunk from a size 48 waist to a 40! Jeff’s goal weight is 175 pounds, and he’s well on his way.

“Never having dieted or really cared about my weight, I generally kept it in check through participation in sports,” Jeff began. “However, my job keeps me on the road a lot of the time, and I was eating too much junk food. Not knowing the difference between a calorie and a carb, I wasn’t aware of what I was stuffing myself with.”

“My new year’s resolution was to try to lose weight. Having never dieted before, I thought that I would keep it simple, so on January 1, 2002 I restricted myself to a diet consisting of just 1500 calories a day.”

“During this six-week period I woke up hungry, went to bed hungry, was generally miserable nonstop, and found that by noon my 1500 calories were already ‘used up.’ I also joined a gym and started light exercise, working out 1-2 hours daily walking on the treadmill. During this first six-week period I lost less than 10 pounds!”

“Then I happened to walk by a bookstore and in the diet section a book by Dr. Atkins caught my eye with the claim ‘eat what you’d like and lose weight.’ I purchased his two books, read them that night, and purchased the needed supplements and ketosticks the next day.”

“I never managed to get into a deep state of ketosis but in the first 6 to 8 weeks I managed to drop about 40 pounds. Although I purchased the books and understood the basic principle, I did not follow it to the letter. I generally make up my own dietary restrictions, but there are a few items that are absolute NO NO’S. I don’t eat any sugar or starches, which means I gave up bread, pasta, fruit juice, etc. However, I now eat a minimum of 6 small meals a day (and sometimes more). I still eat out at fast food joints, but a typical meal would be a triple bacon cheeseburger served on a plate without the bun and a diet pop. I can also go into a supermarket and purchase fresh cold cuts that I eat without bread.”

“With the low carb way of eating I lose weight while never being hungry, and although I do miss the occasional plate of pasta I don’t mind giving up the bread and spuds.”

“I have also stepped up my exercise program and now do weight training four days a week as well as two hours of treadmill, 45 minutes on the bike, and 15 minutes on the stair climber at least four days a week.”

“As I mentioned, I knew nothing about nutrition (which is strange really when you consider that I am a chemical engineer), but reading about nutrition over a period of time, I now supplement my diet with a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Although I haven’t actually counted them. it’s probably up to about 50 every morning.”

“I have been low carbing about 10 months now,” Jeff continued, “and I really have not deviated from my plan. I may have had more BBQ sauce on my ribs than I should have once or twice, but if I have ever overindulged, I’ve gotten over it quickly and moved on. Unlike many people that I read about on the numerous low carb lists that I am on, I feel that there’s no use whining about it.”

“I’ve found that although you don’t have to keep to an absolute plan, you must keep to a sensible plan. I realize that bread, pastries, sugar, etc., are taboo, so I just don’t have them. It’s a question of willpower! Everybody has will power, but they don’t like to exercise it. This is par for the course in today’s society; any problems that people encounter they try to attribute to anyone or anything but themselves,” Jeff noted firmly.

“Having read and understood the principle of low carbing makes this lifestyle much easier to follow. Although weight loss might be faster with fewer calories, if you stay low carb you need not worry about the calories. The weight will come off!”

“More often than not when I mention my low carbohydrate way of eating to people that I know, I get the usual ‘Eating that much meat is not good for you. or ‘It’s not healthy for you.’ The thing that I tell people that ask about my diet (or way of eating) BEFORE I tell them what it is, is simply that this works for me: I am a carnivore, and I do like my meat! It is something that may not be good for you but for me it’s great!” Jeff concluded.

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