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Laura from Arizona is 56 years old. Laura follows Dr. Atkins’ program for the most part, but occasionally does a couple days of the Stillman plan. Laura’s current weight is 196 pounds, down 56 pounds from her pre-low carb weight of 246! When Laura began low carbing, she wore size 22/24, and told me that now her size 18s and larges are loose!

“When I started low carbing in July of 2001,” Laura said, “I had no idea what I was doing. I read, joined an online support group, and I have stuck with it ever since. I’ve lost 56 pounds!”

“I take thyroid medication, which makes me a very slow loser, but am happy with how I look and feel. I will lose in spurts, then stall out. That is difficult, but because of my age, I am rather glad. I feel, I need slow weight loss right now. I have discontinued Prilosec and that has helped with my weight loss. With low carbing, I am not having an acid reflux problem at all.”

“My weight problems started after the birth of my first child. I could no longer eat as I normally did. The birth was difficult, since my first child was a 10-pound, 4-ounce baby and. It seemed like my entire metabolism changed. I could never get anyone to understand that. In fact, they thought I was nuts. Prior to the birth, I felt hot all the time. Afterward, I could not get warm enough, so I know I was at least partially right about my metabolic changes.”

“I tried Richard Simmons and Weight Watchers. I did great on Weight Watchers for a whole year, but got so sick of all the counting. I also tried my own version of low carb for about a year. I ate a hearty breakfast, salad and meat for dinner around 3 PM, then nothing more that day. All of my weight loss attempts “worked” but there was no longevity. The attempt that worked the best for me was Overeaters Anonymous. I did the program for two years. It used NO sugar or refined flour, but did allow for fruit. After one year, I dearly craved oatmeal and binged my way right out of the program.”

“I just felt ugly and was tired of not being able to wear “jazzy” clothes. I have never minded being daring in buying clothes, but fat is not good in that regard. Of course, I gained back all I ever lost and TONS more. I feel whatever works for you and that you can stick with, is the program for you. With low carbing I don’t have dry skin and that “dry withered look” that did while trying these other diets.”

“I tried low carbing out of sheer desperation. I was feeling humongous.I could barely walk into a store without dread. I was experiencing excruciating pain in every joint in my body, and I was seriously considering using a wheel chair. It was horrifying when I wanted to interact with my grandchildren. My pain was constant and I could not sleep. I thought I was on my way to death, but it was surely preferable to the way I felt. I was also dealing with debilitating migraines on an almost daily basis. I used more Imitrex shots and Fioricet than I care to remember. I was so sick and tired of being sick. I felt I was soon to be a total cripple. I had no fight left.”

“With my past diet attempts, the weight loss and recognition were great. With low carbing I don’t really care about any of that. My goal is to feel good and stay feeling good. And I feel GREAT! The weight loss is just a pleasant byproduct.”

“At first low carbing was hard to grasp for me. For now, I just keep it simple and as I get closer to goal, I will plan more interesting meals. Eating out and integrating low carb into a busy lifestyle is a little difficult. Fast food is not easy, you have to plan ahead. One great source for information and support is my online list at Yahoo groups. I depend on it, and I love that I do not have to go out to a meeting. My husband is also very supportive for his own reasons *wink*, but I am not doing this for him, I’m doing it for my health.”

“I pray I can stick with a close version of this way of eating (Atkins) simply because I feel human again! I absolutely plan to low carb for life. I can move and can do so with comfort. I am so very glad to be migraine free. I think my health is much better. I enjoy that I can walk and not dread it. I don’t try to figure out how I can either get out of walking or what is the most efficient way to get done what I need to get done. I don’t try to avoid it all together. I love that I feel great! I am energetic, my energy lasts, and I can go with the flow. When I am tired, I can sleep soundly.”

“I feel I have probably been addicted to carbs all my life, but I never craved them. They are mostly a health issue with me. I have never been a dessert eater, nor do I especially care for sweets. I like salty, greasy and crunchy. Is that an addiction? I actually think there is an allergic reaction to the carbohydrates. For instance, last night I took some cough syrup. I am sure it had sugar in it. Did I crave it? No, but the sugar gave me an instant headache. I just tend to think my body is allergic to sugar. My carb addiction comes with the starches. Since I don’t really care for pasta or breads, this plan is pretty easy for me. But I do miss potato chips and other crunchy foods. ”

“I am determined. I feel good about this way of eating, and am convinced it will take me down the road to health. So far, I have been able to reduce my medications. I no longer take Prilosec, and soon will be rid of others. I have the energy to do anything I chose. I again am able to enjoy people, family, and life around me. Soon, I will be able to add exercise. I am really excited about that. I CAN WALK AGAIN WITHOUT PAIN!! When you are free of pain and concern about dying or being in a wheelchair, it puts everything into perspective again.”

“Your point of view changes when you are doing something for YOU. Everyone and everything else doesn’t matter I think, then, you are destined to succeed. I had always heard and believed that, but never really ‘got it’ before now.”

Laura belongs to Atkins-A-WayOfLife at Yahoo groups.

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