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Laurie from Texas is 5′ 5″ tall and 39 years old. Laurie has been following the Atkins program since August of 1999. Laurie’s starting weight was 167.5 pounds, and she has reached her goal weight of 125 pounds. Laurie’s clothing sizes have also shrunk…..down to a size 5/6 from a 14!

“My weight problems surfaced sometime during my college years,” Laurie told me. “I really was eating like the rest of the kids I ran around with, but I was gaining and they were not! I was eating nothing until after noon and eating fast food late at night, which is not a good plan!”

“I carried a few extra pounds then until I was pregnant with my first child. That is when I absolutely ballooned! After delivery, I weighed 60 pounds more than I did when I got pregnant. I held on to that weight until I was 30.”

“In anticipation of my 10-year high school reunion, I Slim Fasted my way down to 128 pounds. I looked great for the reunion, but came home to immediately begin adding the weight back. Slim Fast and one sensible meal a day was not a plan I could be consistent about! I did it from October through May of that year. No food was a real bummer, and low fat salad dressing was even worse! It physically made me feel deprived and anxious. I just can’t do self-deprivation for very long!”

“I had NO idea this plan was out there until my friend told me about her experience in 1999, and I started immediately! My husband and I had just returned from a Cozumel vacation where for the first time in our marriage I really did not feel attractive to him. I came back SO depressed!”

“The only bad part of low carbing for me is the inconvenience. Low carbing absolutely requires planning and preparation. The good parts are that I am satisfied and never have to be hungry. I also really don’t crave things that are not on my plan anymore.”

“When I was eating one “sensible” meal a day and drinking my Slim Fasts, I was hungry and felt deprived all the time. So, as soon as I reached my goal weight and had shown up at my reunion looking good, not even the way I looked was enough motivation to stay on that eating plan. I just couldn’t make it a lifestyle. The low carbohydrate way of eating is my lifestyle now, and I know that I can continue it forever!”

“As far as health problems or benefits from low carbing, I have had no negative health issues as a result. I do think that keeping a very low carb intake and being very picky bout where my carbs come from has helped with my menopausal symptoms, however. That is a big plus for me.”

“Feedback from others has been interesting. It’s always the ones who need to diet and aren’t that are the most judgmental about this way of eating. I wish I had a quarter for every time someone said to me, “I just CAN’T give up my ___.” This is always followed by, “You KNOW there have been people die from that Atkins diet,” or some comment that is equally absurd!” Laurie laughed.

I asked Laurie if she had any advice for fellow low carbers. She replied, “Cheating? Don’t do it, it’s NOT worth it. Just say NO. Stalls? Drink more water! Eat more meat, beef especially (for me). The most important thing to remember is don’t be afraid to be creative with your recipes, even if they “look” strange to other people.”

“Eat several times a day, even if it is just a handful of almonds and a slice of cheddar cheese. I never allow myself to get too hungry. It keeps me more balanced so I can make good decisions.”

“And finally, even if you just read the posts, get on one or more of the Internet support lists! You will be able to learn things from others’ experiences. I chose one list that was not really into warm fuzzy encouragement but was big in to factual information and another list because the ladies on the list were very encouraging, kind, and forgiving. You need a little of both until you get your low carb groove on!”

Laurie belongs to the Atkinteers at Yahoo Groups. Here is where you can find them:

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