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LC Dining App on iTunesAh, smart-phones. Where would we be without them? Sometimes I think we’d be smarter. I’ve developed “the dumbs” since owning mine. I can’t remember squat. What’s my husbands phone number? I don’t know. I press 1 on my dang speed-dial thinger, so I don’t know that anymore. Texting? Y wud U not txt? (My apologies English language. We didn’t initially intend to butcher you so badly.) But one of the big benefits of those crafty little talking pocket computers are apps. I love apps. Apps are useful, fun, and can help you procrastinate with almost anything. (Angry Birds anyone?)

One of the most useful FREE apps you’ll find in recent months is a little beauty called Low Carb Dining. I know many low-carb enthusiasts have found themselves wondering what menu items are acceptable while traversing the fast food universe. It’s a vast realm, filled with black donut holes that try to suck you in and never let go. But if you are prepared a head of time, you can avoid those nasty vortexes of temptation. This is where an app like Low Carb Dining helps.

Low Carb Dining allows you to find your favorite fast food, or casual dining restaurant, and quickly look up the nutrition information. But that is only the beginning. You’ll also find a section called Low Carb Buzz from the Internet. Here you’ll find information from a variety of sources regarding whatever particular eating establishment you’re viewing at the time. You can also save specific places as favorites and access them all with a simple touch.

The best feature, besides being free, has to be the comments section. You can read comments from other low-carbers who’ve visited the restaurant, read what they recommend to eat or avoid, and even leave thoughts of your own for the next person that comes along. With such an interactive community right there in the palm of your hand, this is bound to be a favorite for many. The more people use it, the more useful it becomes.

That would all be cool, in and of itself, but there is still more to this app. You can subscribe to the Low Carb Dining newsletter right from the app. They have an area to do some shopping (it’s small now, but I expect they’ll expand it as they grow). LC Dining also shares the latest from their favorite low carb websites and blogs. (CarbSmart is proud to be listed among those!)

Did I mention it’s free? It’s free. You don’t pay a dime for any of the features listed above, and it’s available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

LC Dining App on iTunesBonus: Have you ever sat at a bar and wondered what you could have that wouldn’t blow your carb budget? Have you worried that sports drink you just bought was a bad idea? This app has an add-on feature, for a mere $1.99, that allows you to look up the carb count of over 600 beverages. That’s a couple of bucks well spent. (Probably less than that sports drink you just bought.)

So now that I’ve told you about the app, let me tell you a bit about the nice people behind this handy-dandy software. Low Carb Dining is the brainchild of Jen and Kerry Mann.  Kerry gives all the credit to Jen, who says “It was actual my wife (Jen) who came up with the idea. We worked together to get the app built but it is her baby.”

After watching the documentary Fat Head, and researching low-carb living on the internet, The Manns were stunned at all the bad information about nutrition and health that is still being pushed on the public. They made low carb their lifestyle, and their goal is to support others who want to do the same. “On our LC journey we always had trouble finding low carb meals at various restaurants. So Jen thought up Low Carb Dining and after about 8 weeks it was completed.” Kerry explained.

I’m so glad they did! I’ve used the Low Carb Dining app several times over the last few weeks, especially on those days when we were far from home and needed to eat on the go. Thanks for the fantastic App Jen and Kerry! Can you make one that will get rid of “the dumbs” now?

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  1. What about an Android version?

    • I asked Kerry about this. He said that they are looking to making this available for other phones, but at this time it’s pretty expensive. So it will likely take some time before other versions are released.

  2. Yep! What Yvonne said. Wishing for an Android version.

  3. I can’t find the app in the Apple store? No search results for Low Carb Dining

  4. Great idea for app…. like others I wish it was Android even if not free but small fee. Per NY Times 9/23/12 60 percent of smartphones run Android, versus 34 percent for iPhones, according to Canalys, a research firm

    It is such a great idea, those of us that don’t like Apple vs Andrioid phones/pads are clammoring for it:)

  5. I found it for the iPad by searching for low carb in the App Store, then selecting iPhone Apps, filter for Free, and it was a few rows down. Made by KWM Apps

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