Studies Suggest Non-Caloric Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat

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Think you are getting a jump-start to your day, and your diet, while sipping your skinny and avoiding sugar? Maybe, maybe not. Ninety percent of Americans start the day with a jolt of java to get the body in gear for the long day ahead. While the caffeine in your coffee may be giving you the get up and go, if you add non-caloric artificial sweeteners (NCAS) to sweeten-up your drink, and minimize calories and or carbs, you may be in for a surprise. A new study shows non-caloric artificial sweeteners cause weight gain, even when similar calories are consumed. The study is a first for observing the effects of non-caloric artificial sweeteners on weight gain, and animals are always the first “guinea pigs” in this situation. But, even though there were no human “guinea pigs” in this study, maybe this is one reason why low-fat diets haven’t proven successful for some, well let’s be honest, most of us.

The most interesting findings

  • Fewer calories do not always equal weight loss, supports my philosophy    
  • We know sugar is not good for us, but non-caloric sweeteners may be worse

Apparently, the rats eating non-caloric artificial sweeteners ate a similar amount of total calories as the sugar group, but gained weight without eating more calories. Their guess is that the weight gain was metabolic in nature (decreasing energy expenditure) or affected hydration status ( increase in fluid retention)  but it WAS NOT related to the amount of calories consumed. Read it for yourself:

Sweeteners linked to higher weight gain: Rat study

Consumption of non-nutritive sweeteners, such as saccharin and aspartame, could lead to increases in weight, according to new data in rats.

An additional explanation for weight gain, when consuming NCAS, is the rationale that the lack of calories fails to engage the signal that satisfies hunger and then more quantities of food is consumed.

What does this mean for you?

  • Altering real foods by eliminating calories with NCAS is not the answer
  • Consider NCAS as a potential weight loss inhibitor
  • NCAS may have a negative effect on your metabolism
  • NCAS may contribute to fluid retention
  • Do not add NCAS to coffee or any food or beverage, you may want to add cinnamon, nutmeg or any other spice
  • Avoid foods that contain NCAS
  • Enjoy real foods
  • Stop purchasing fake alternatives that pollute your food, eat clean

Review your grocery list and daily eating routine.  Eliminate artificial sweeteners that may be blocking your efforts for weight loss and wreaking havoc on your metabolism. If you start your day by adding a NCAS to your coffee, or drinking a diet soda , you’re not getting the right start to your day, and may even be unknowingly sabotaging your weight and health goals.

Aside from avoiding NCAS in your coffee, consider:

The availability of all NCAS: Saccharine and sucralose are not the only non-caloric artificial sweeteners options, here’s a list of the others,  Many food items, like diet soda, diet lemonade/hot chocolate and any other “diet” beverage, yogurt, chewing gum, baked products, candy, ice cream and frozen foods, yogurt, Jell-O and puddings, juice and diet ready to drink shakes contain NCAS. Notice a common element? Most are convenience items, desserts, or items one may not have considered eating if the calories were not stripped from the product.

You may be interested in my blog on diet soda which picks a part many of the ingredients that effect health and weight:

Have any of you realized that weight gain may be due to consuming too many products with NCAS? I witnessed it first-hand while working at the Atkins Center.  It was a common occurrence for the diet soda addicts who drank 2-3 liters of soda/day.

Maybe this is enough to get you all to drink a little more water? If not, take a look at these articles and maybe you’ll think twice before drinking a diet soda or other diet beverage, NCAS packet or food:

In any case, no need to wait for more research. I have seen enough that points to avoiding commercially prepared foods and beverages. Eating real foods with real herbs and spices. Steer clear of artificial anything, despite temptations of being void of calories.

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