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Eating to Beat Breast Cancer – Part 3 of a 3 Part Series

In part 3 of her 3 part series, Susie T Gibbs shares her experience with living with breast cancer and her low carb lifestyle. Part 3 includes several of the latest studies, articles, and even YouTube Videos that will help you make the most informed decision possible about what to eat and how to eat, should you or a loved one develop breast cancer.

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Can Low Carb Slow The Aging Process? by Dana Carpender

Can I be allowed a big, fat "I told you so?" On my blog, I told you eating low carb was slowing my aging process. Now we have University of California gerontologist Cynthia Kenyon, with an animal study showing exactly that. She's actually discovered what she calls the Grim Reaper gene, and another she calls the Sweet Sixteen gene. The switch that turns on the former and turns off the latter? Insulin. Which means that by cutting carbs and lowering insulin, you can reverse the process, switching off the Grim Reaper and turning on your Sweet Sixteen. Or at least she can in roundworms.

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Carpender Column Demands Low-Carb Respect

Dana Carpender Books and Cookbooks CarbSmart

Well, something must have happened since the calendar flipped to 2007 because the Dana Carpender of old is back! This is the one who boldly champions livin' la vida low-carb using her bully pulpit national column to do so. It's good to see she has returned to the roots of where she began because Dana Carpender without "low-carb" is like SpongeBob without SquarePants (now there's a visual for ya!).

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