Susie T. Gibbs

Cornbread Dressing vs Bread Dressing In A Low Carb World – Thanksgiving Nightmares

turkey with stuffing

A Southern Thanksgiving necessitates not only that you must decide whether to smoke, roast, bake or fry the family turkey, but you must choose a side. You must choose whether you will serve bread dressing or cornbread dressing at the family Thanksgiving table. Fluffy Chix Susie T. Gibbs explains the dilemma and offers some low carb alternatives.

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Eating to Beat Breast Cancer – Part 3 of a 3 Part Series

In part 3 of her 3 part series, Susie T Gibbs shares her experience with living with breast cancer and her low carb lifestyle. Part 3 includes several of the latest studies, articles, and even YouTube Videos that will help you make the most informed decision possible about what to eat and how to eat, should you or a loved one develop breast cancer.

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Eating To Beat Breast Cancer – Part 2 of a 3 Part Series

What do you eat to prevent breast cancer, or cure it if you are unfortunate enough to be fighting it? Will proper nutrition help you beat it? And just what is “proper nutrition”? What role does a low carb lifestyle play in nutrition and breast cancer? The answers to these questions are not clear-cut or easily determined. In order to discuss these questions, we must first understand a few things about the nature of the beast. We must also understand the difficulties involved in writing nutritional policies for use on populations with breast cancer.

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Budget Low Carb Cooking – Your Partner During Trying Financial Times

Often, the key to successful weight loss doesn’t begin with our bellies or end with our brains. For many, the battle of the bulge actually begins and ends with our budget. How do you cook budget-friendly low carb meals on a shoestring? Let's stretch those budgets and see just how much we can squeeze out of every penny. In her new column, Budget Low Carb Cooking, Susie T. Gibbs gives us affordable options for your low carb lifestyle.

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