Susie T. Gibbs

Winning the Attitude Game on the Road to Low Carb Weight Loss Success

Susie T Gibbs Fluffy Chix

Weight-related lack of self-esteem can stop anyone from achieving their success with the low carb lifestyle. In her first column for, Susie T. Gibbs shows us that winning the attitude game means more than starting you journey of reaching your goal of losing weight, it involves beginning the journey to self-love.

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Low Carb Mornay Sauce – Budget Low Carb Cooking Base

Mornay Sauce

This is such a simple sauce and so elegant. It works over chicken, turkey, game hens, and seafood of all kinds, especially shrimp and lobster - when they are on sale! It's also delicious over veggies! The nuttiness of the sauce is intensified when you broil it for a couple of minutes.

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Turkey Carcass Stock – Budget Low Carb Cooking Base

Turkey Carcass Stock

Make this stock right after Thanksgiving dinner! Simply throw the turkey carcass and any leftover wings, necks, giblets, and legs into the pot with the veggies and spices, then let it simmer, covered, for hours! The longer the better. The apple cider vinegar helps leach the vitamins and minerals out of the bones.

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