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Lesson #47: Susan’s Sizzling Steak Salad

The inspiration for tonight's menu comes from Susan M., someone I've known from various low carb lists and a CarbSmart Magazine reader. The Sizzling Steak Salad she suggested sounded so good that I asked her if I could use her idea for Low Carb Cooking 101. Thank goodness she said yes, because I really wanted to share it with all of you. Thanks, Susan!

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Lesson #22: Low Carb Veal Parmesan Burgers

Once you've been low carbing a while, you find that you get a bit bored with plain meat and vegetables. (Well, maybe not steak!) This is when the smart low carbers turn to their spice racks to jazz up their meals without adding a lot of empty carbohydrates. Tonight's meal will satisfy your bored taste buds with the zip of Italian seasonings.

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