Low Carbing: Low-Carb Lifestyle Vs. Diet

Low Carb Lifestyle Vs Diet
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Everything’s Bigger, Better and Low Carb in Texas

As my husband and I head into our third holiday season of my Low-Carb Lifestyle, I have to reflect on the struggle it’s been and the fact that most of the struggle comes from my mind rather than my body. My previous experiences with dieting have all been about my body controlling my weight loss or lack thereof. Believe it or not, with low-carbing it’s my mind that causes me the most grief! Let me explain.

The most common immediate result/consequence of switching to low carbohydrate eating is the natural appetite suppressant that kicks in or about day three. Your body begins to burn it’s stored fat for energy, causing you to be fuller faster. The sugar cravings ceased. Now that the body is controlled, “So what,” you may ask, “is the problem then?” Well, in two words, YOUR MIND!

Why We Say Low-Carb Lifestyle!

You see, we’ve been programmed to think that a “DIET” (the other four-letter word) is something that we do for a short time. A “DIET” is painful, something we stop and start over and over again! In actuality, the word “diet” as defined in the Random House College Dictionary means:

  1. The usual or regular foods a person eats most frequently.
  2. Anything that is habitually provided or partaken of.
  3. To regulate the food of, esp. in order to improve the physical condition.

In layman’s terms, “diet” means “a way of life”!!!!!!Yep, you got it, “WAY OF LIFE” – not a short-term fix, not a band-aid, not something we do as a New Year’s resolution, not a bet, not a fad, not a temporary condition. Your diet is the way you are going to eat for the rest of your life.

The downfall for most people is that they feel they have to be perfect, all the time. The body is in ketosis, there’s no real hunger, no real cravings….But it’s the holidays. “Oh NO.. FOOD!!!!!!!!!!” Well, you eat, and here’s where it gets tough. You see, our minds tell us, “Oh no, I blew it. Guess I’m off the diet now, so I’ll just eat and eat, and eat.” Well, folks, low carbing is A WAY OF LIFE. If you don’t get your mind set up to think of it in this fashion, you will fail. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to persevere.

So here we sit facing November and Thanksgiving, then just like every other year in your life December and Hanukkah and Christmas will follow. Then comes the dreaded New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, and so forth and so on. Be prepared to fix your mindset to focus and change your perception of this program. Low carbing must be as much a part of your normal life as breathing and sleeping.

I get lots of e-mail from people who want help on this low carb road. The most common question I get is, “I ate _____ today. Now what?” Well, my answer is always, “123 – three days to get back into ketosis and you’ll be fine. Most importantly, remember that low carbing is a way of life! Nobody’s life is without bumps, twists, and turns. Low carbing isn’t any different.”

I for one think it would be a good idea to print and tag the definition listed above to your refrigerator. It’ll help keep you centered and be a constant reminder that this is a lifelong commitment. By focusing on low carbing as a way of life, you will have your mind as well-controlled as your body.

Sometimes it really is “all in your mind.”

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