Denise C. Lopez

The Counting Game

In preparation for this article, I decided I better take a look at the other "stuff" I had written for CarbSmart in order to "stay honest." The first article I wrote for CarbSmart has a footnote that says, "Denise is a 37-year-old educator from Texas. She and her husband have been following a low carbohydrate lifestyle for over two years." WOW! That was some time ago! Now I sit here as a 40-year-old educator from Texas. Time sure does fly!

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The Twelve Days Of Low-Carb Christmas Part II: The Aftermath

OK, here we go. In the last article I wrote entitled "The Twelve Days of Christmas," I detailed my plan to avoid gaining those dreaded "10 holiday pounds" that everyone gains. Well, needless to say, IT DIDN'T WORK! You know when those low carb "gurus" warned us about the one bite being the "kiss of death" on this way of life? Well, they were right! It is so hard to control the cravings and binge eating that the "one bite" produces.

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Everything’s Bigger, Better & Low-Carb in Texas

Texas Sign

"Everything's bigger and better in Texas." This old adage refers to the size of things in Texas when compared with the size of things everywhere else in the world. Well, the first part of this old adage surely held true for me! Since I was a rather small and scrawny child in my first few years of life, ending up at 300 pounds what quite a feat. My mother tells me stories about taking me for regular doctor visits and voicing her concerns about me being too skinny and so I must be sick. The family doctor named her "The Mother Hen."

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