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CarbSmart is your trusted guide to the low carb lifestyle. We provide the resources to help our readers make informed decisions so they can improve their health and happiness.

CarbSmart’s Mission

CarbSmart, Inc. is dedicated to helping every one who is currently following–or considering switching to–the Paleo, primal or low carb / high fat way of life. Whether the goal is to lose weight, maintain current weight, or deal with a specific health issue like reducing blood sugar or blood pressure, eliminating diabetes, improving cholesterol levels, or increasing exercise effectiveness, CarbSmart is your trusted guide to the low carb lifestyle.

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CarbSmart’s History

Andrew DiMino - Publisher, President and Founder of CarbSmart.com

Andrew DiMino - Publisher, President and Founder of CarbSmart.com

Andrew’s Story – I am just like you.

I’ve spent most of my life overweight, wondering if I could ever lose the excess pounds. I started a new diet every week – with no lasting results. All I had ever heard about were those low-fat, high carbohydrate diets that the medical profession was so fond of. But, they never worked for me.

And then in 1998, a co-worker lost 25 pounds in a couple of months. I was amazed. He looked great, and he was excited about his recent weight loss. He told me about this great book by Dr. Atkins and his new way of life, a way to eat good foods without skipping meals or having to worry about calories, grams of fat, or major exercise programs. He told me he ate meals that were low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and had normal amounts of fat. He explained how he did it and why it works. Boy, was I amazed. This went against everything I was ever taught. Yet the simple fact was my friend lost weight following this regimen.

So I bought Dr. Atkins’ book. I learned about insulin, ketosis, metabolic resistance, induction, and maintenance. I realized that I craved carbohydrates. I went to my kitchen cabinets and found they were full of cereal, pastas, bread mixes, Pop Tarts, crackers, rice, pancake mix, potatoes, tortilla chips, and caffeinated coffees. Right then and there I resolved to change my eating habits. So I set a date and started eating differently.

By December 1999 I lost 50 pounds living the low carb life and felt great. I had more energy, I was eating great foods and didn’t crave pasta or other nasty carbohydrates. Now that I knew how to eat and maintain my lifestyle, I wanted to share my experiences with the low carb lifestyle with everyone who wanted to know more. Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people lose weight, keep the weight off, and lessen the effects of diabetes and avoid obesity.

The CarbSmart Brand

I started CarbSmart in 1999 with 2 purposes:

  • To be the largest resource for the low carb community
  • To bring great low carb products to those who wanted them


Thank you for visiting CarbSmart!

Your trusted guide to the low carb lifestyle

Andrew S. DiMino
President, Publisher and Founder
CarbSmart, Inc.
PO Box 635
Las Vegas, NV 89125

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