The CarbSmart Licenses

In 1999, Andrew DiMino learned personally that living a low carb lifestyle can help you lose and maintain your weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and give you a better quality of life. Andrew knew that his new lifestyle was important to his health and decided he needed to start a new business to provide the world with great low carb products. While other companies called themselves “Low Carb This” and “Low Carb That,” Andrew knew that living this new lifestyle was more about making the right choices in the foods you eat and not necessarily finding the lowest carbohydrate counts. It was about making smart choices – and the name CarbSmart was born. In that same year, he trademarked the name “CarbSmart” and started CarbSmart, Inc. with as
a resource for others to find products, information, news, and recipes to help them live a better “CarbSmart” life. Over the years, CarbSmart grew from a Web store with 150 products to a Web store with over 1,300 products and hundreds of articles and a physical store in Huntington Beach, CA and Reno, NV.

Over the next few years “Low Carb” became more and more popular and accepted as a way of eating. Each year saw a new crop of products entering the market and in 2003 and 2004, over 10 companies came to Andrew because they wanted to label their new low carb products as “CarbSmart.” Some of these products were good, some were great, and some not so great. If a product line was going to be called CarbSmart, Andrew wanted to make sure that the companies he licensed the name to were the best in the industry. They needed to make excellent tasting products and have a commitment to producing a quality product that was second to none.

CarbSmart, Inc. is proud to announce that the following three companies have licensed the CarbSmart trademark to use on their product lines. CarbSmart, Inc. does not develop, design, produce or market any of these products, they just simply have licensed their trademark to these excellent companies for their excellent product lines. Each company maintains, manages and supports their own product lines. To learn more about each product or to contact one of the companies about their products, please visit the links below. If you have a question about the CarbSmart licensing program, please send Andrew email at

CarbSmart Ice Cream Good Humor-Breyers CarbSmart
Ice Cream


CarbSmart Pasta by Monterey Pasta Monterey Pasta Refrigerated
Pastas and Pasta Sauces


CarbSmart One-A-Day Vitamins Bayer CarbSmart One-A-Day

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