The Future Of Low-Carb Retail Through The Eyes Of CarbSmart’s Andrew DiMino


Allow me to introduce you to a man named Andrew DiMino in Episode 38. He is the President and Founder of one of the most successful online low-carb retailers and brands called CarbSmart and he was gracious enough to sit down for a one-on-one chat with me during my recent visit to Reno, Nevada.

How To Have The Best Low Carb Summer

It’s finally here…summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime! A time for getting outside, spending time with your family, and even sticking with your low-carb lifestyle. That’s right! You’ve worked way too hard on your low-carb weight loss efforts to send it on vacation now. So don’t fall into that trap as so many people do when the temperatures rise and temptation rears its ugly head.

All Carbohydrates Are Not Equal


Atkins products are specifically formulated to minimize the impact of carbohydrates on a person’s blood sugar level because elevated blood sugar and the resulting excess insulin production can inhibit weight loss, weight management and increase the risk of disease and illness.

What The Heck Are Net Impact Carbohydrates? Nutritional Facts Labeling FAQ – UPDATED!!

Andrew DiMino, President, Founder, and Publisher of CarbSmart

For the last 2-3 years, there has been a crack down in the low carb food industry that is affecting all of the manufacturers of low carb products and the way you as a consumer look at their products. It is important for me as the owner of CarbSmart to let you know this because what I am going to describe is not being done with malicious intent, it is just a clever way for the manufacturers to bend the rules. The good news is that everything has mostly changed and most companies are complying with the proper way to list the Nutritional Information on their products as governed by the FDA.