Alan Shanley

I am an Aussie who retired in 2002 after various medical diagnoses including Type 2 diabetes. My hobbies are reading, writing about ways to beat diabetes, cooking and annoying bureaucrats. I also enjoy wandering the world but I will always call Australia home. He also writes on his blog Type 2 Diabetes - A Personal Journey and his travel blog Born Under a Wandering Star.

Low Carb From Australia, a Different Perspective on Dietary Change

Alan Shanley, Author of What On Earth Can I Eat Now"

When Alan Shanley grew up in Australia, obesity and diabetes were not a common occurrence. Australia is today ranked as one of the fattest nations in the developed world. The prevalence of obesity in Australia has more than doubled in the past 20 years. In his first column for CarbSmart, Alan looks at the transition of nutritional advice from his youth to now in Australia.

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