Starch Madness: Paleolithic Nutrition for Today by Richard L. Heinrich

Starch Madness is An Important Book for the Low-Carb Lifestyle

Unfortunately, Starch Madness has been out of print for years but can be found in new and used condition online.

Starch Madness
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192 pages

Blue Dolphin Publishing

ISBN: 978157733027

Finally, there is a book that explains and proves on a hormonal level why the high starch diets, the pasta and the bagels, now practically the law of the land, keep the 75% of us with Paleolithic genes fat.

Learn the scientific reasons why the Zone diet works – and its history. Learn the true reason for fitness – its mental health. Understand how eating the right mix of foods will make you slender and also let you laugh at addiction, depression, and stress – so simple.

Starch Madness provides the key, the elixir, to unlock stored body fat!

From the book: “What is my ‘losing weight’ diet? What should yours be? This book is mostly a third-person report on the great minds of fitness and wellness of the last half-century. What then is my best advice? I have found two venues for wellness, the Zone diet and exercise. . . Why bring in exercise? The Zone diet will consume your fat, albeit a bit slower, without exercise. But the two are so serendipitous, so inseparable. If you can develop the discipline to accomplish the one, you can accomplish the other.”

Says Barry Sears, author of The Zone, “What should you eat? Americans have never been more confused. Richard Heinrich has stepped into this void and has pulled together an excellent survey of new approaches to this seemingly age-old problem of what to eat, and more importantly, why?”

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