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Have a Low Carb / Paleo Thanksgiving

Holiday turkey

Are you ready to have a low carb or Paleo Thanksgiving dinner? Adapt your dinner so that everyone including your Paleo folks enjoy the holiday dinner. I mean, not give up your low carb diet for a day and gorge on "regular" Thanksgiving foods but adapt your dinner so that not only the low carbers but everyone in your family will enjoy the holiday? We show you how.

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Cornbread Dressing vs Bread Dressing In A Low Carb World – Thanksgiving Nightmares

turkey with stuffing

A Southern Thanksgiving necessitates not only that you must decide whether to smoke, roast, bake or fry the family turkey, but you must choose a side. You must choose whether you will serve bread dressing or cornbread dressing at the family Thanksgiving table. Fluffy Chix Susie T. Gibbs explains the dilemma and offers some low carb alternatives.

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Turkey Carcass Stock – Budget Low Carb Cooking Base

Turkey Carcass Stock

Make this stock right after Thanksgiving dinner! Simply throw the turkey carcass and any leftover wings, necks, giblets, and legs into the pot with the veggies and spices, then let it simmer, covered, for hours! The longer the better. The apple cider vinegar helps leach the vitamins and minerals out of the bones.

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