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Staying Low Carb During Passover + Spinach Mushroom Kugel Recipe by Dana Carpender

Most people are aware of some Jewish dietary laws – that Jews who keep kosher do not eat pork or shellfish, or consume meat and milk products together. The laws are more complex than that, governing how kitchens are run, how animals are slaughtered, and who may or may not prepare certain foods. These rules do not interfere with a low carbohydrate diet.

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Great St. Patrick’s Day Options for Low-Carb Dieters. Top O’ The Morning!

Top O' the Morning to ye, boys and girls! Aren't we all Irish on and near St. Patrick's Day? Isn't it a law of our fair land? Doesn't everyone have to wear some article of green clothing, or suffer the pinching consequences? Anticipating that you have been hunting four-leaf clovers and practicing to do a proper Irish jig, I will now ask you this burning question: What's Irish and spends the summer outside the back door? It's Paddy O'Furniture, don't you know!

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