Di Bauer

Di Bauer was the editor of CarbSmart Magazine from 1999 to 2004.

Lesson #27: Stroganoff Meatloaf

There's something to be said for seasonal eating. We can take advantage of the various foods that are in season, perhaps saving a little money in the process. In addition, we can "rest our palates," rotating different dishes in and our of your daily menus on a seasonal basis so that we don't get tired of any particular dish.

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Lesson #25: Hot Chicken Philly Salad For Two

Once in a while, the kids fly the coop and range about the city doing whatever kids do. In my case, that means that Chris is at his "other family's" house for dinner and the evening. (His girlfriend's mother is thinking of declaring him a dependent on their income tax return.) Judy is usually off to spend the night with a friend.

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Lesson #22: Low Carb Veal Parmesan Burgers

Once you've been low carbing a while, you find that you get a bit bored with plain meat and vegetables. (Well, maybe not steak!) This is when the smart low carbers turn to their spice racks to jazz up their meals without adding a lot of empty carbohydrates. Tonight's meal will satisfy your bored taste buds with the zip of Italian seasonings.

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Reading And Understanding Food Labels

Everybody is familiar with word search games where you must find words hidden in vast columns of primarily random letters. The words can be written vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. In addition, the words can be written left to right or right to left. I hate those kinds of word games! Unfortunately, the nutritional analysis labels of manufactured food products are a lot like word searches.

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Low-Carb Lesson #21: Packet Up Fish Fillets Dijon

When it's hot out (and it's been HOT out!) I don't feel like cooking. I don't feel like cleaning up afterward, either. But I have to eat, and my family has to eat, so I have to do something. And since they refuse to eat off the floor and with their fingers (picky people that they are), I have to come up with new ways to minimize the cleanup.

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Low Carb Breakfast Variety – Alternatives to “I’m Sick Of Eggs”

Low Carb Breakfast Variety - Alternatives to I'm Sick Of Eggs

Low Carb Breakfast Variety - Alternatives to "I'm Sick Of Eggs" - Eggs are a staple for low carbers at breakfast. They're quickly prepared, inexpensive, and versatile. While eggs do contain 0.6 grams of carbohydrates per egg, the carbohydrate count is low enough that they are easily incorporated not only into low carbohydrate breakfasts, but lunches, dinners, and snacks as well.

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Low-Carb Lesson #20: Chicken Alfredo & Zoodles

Chicken Alfredo With Zoodles was a grand experiment. I really wasn't sure if my family would like it, but the concept seemed sound so I gave it a whirl. It was a resounding success, everybody liked it, and my picky daughter got up early the next morning and polished off the leftovers before anyone else got up. (She's not into sharing when it comes to food.)

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Low-Carb Lesson #19: Low-Carb Chicken & Spinach

Tonight's meal has a special advantage: all the preparation work can be done the evening before. This makes it perfect for those nights when you know you're going to be getting home from work late, or when you know tomorrow is going to be incredibly hectic. (Are there any days that aren't hectic? If you have a calm, peaceful day occasionally, please let me know your secret!)

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What Should Your Goal Be?

Do you tell people what you weigh or what size you wear? In the dark of night, when you're lying in bed and can't sleep, do you admit to yourself what you weigh? Do you tell your family you don't want clothes for your birthday because you don't want to tell them what size to buy? Do the numbers haunt you? Do you wind up asking yourself, "How did I let this happen?" Are you embarrassed, ashamed, or frightened?

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